Today we’re talking on a very exciting topic, the topic of reincarnation.

Reincarnation. What is reincarnation? What is it about? Let’s make the topic clear.
So: Reincarnation (Latin reincarnatio — “repeated incarnation”), that is, reincarnation; also the transmigration of souls, metempsychosis (ancient Greek μετ-εμψύχωσις — “relocation of souls”), is a group of religious and philosophical ideas and beliefs, according to which, the immortal essence of a living being (in some variations — of people only) reincarnates again and again, from one body to another.

But does reincarnation exist? How does a new human incarnation take place? How is the choice of family and place of residence related to?
Each Soul incarnates in one place or another in order to gain experience. Soul requires this experience for the subsequent growth, which will lead either to a new phase in a non-human body, or show it’s failure as a separate particle, and there would be a disembodiment into smaller components. For example, there are common components in certain microbes that unite them, but there is no concept of identity in one microbe. The word identity is exactly about the Soul; in russian language all these words — disguise, face, triumph, impersonal — show the structure of the Soul, manifested externally.

When talking about human’s face, we mean exactly the face. I.e., the face as a material image of the Soul in this incarnation. You choose the furniture for the apartment to your liking. The choice is formed on the basis of opportunity and demand. So, it’s the same with the body. The Soul chooses the body based on its opportunity and demand. The body (material) is given to us by Kin. I.e., you need a guide on the Earth, and certain parents act as guides . In russian language the word «parents» [roditeli] sounds almost like [rodi `telo] and it means «to give birth to the body». That is, their function is to give a physical body. In return, you must help the structure of the Kin in something.

Until the age of 30, a person works on the karma of the Kin, but the Kin and guides are selected based on the capabilities and demands of the Soul. The place of birth is also the karma of the Soul, each country and nation has its own karma, therefore, in order to go through some experience, a certain place and certain parents are required. Everything you have got into use, requires your investments. You work out your karma in a given area, helping the area, and then either relocate or continue to live in love and harmony with the country. How much you do agree and share the karma of the country, everyone can feel on it’s own.

For example, the events in Ukraine outraged some residents and they left the country because they didn’t want to share the karma of a sadistic country (torture flourishes in full), but another agreed with this karma and stayed. Even if a person didn’t torture other people, but simply agreed with such a concept, then he becomes an accomplice. The karma of sadists will stay with him and his children. Until children understand this and leave the country. But there are a number of other karmic debts, so karma may still haunt them.

Are we born in one and the same Kin?
This is a very common question. Reincarnation occurs in one and the same Kin among serious dynasties, among people with great continuity of qualities, for example, the Kin of painters or puppeteers (several generations). Man develops on Earth according to the certain principle.

A person passes his primary reincarnations on Earth in the format of physical work with the least inclusion of mental activities. Only in subsequent reincarnations a person comes to understanding of creativity. And only with a mature Soul here comes an understanding of the processes in the Universe and the desire to develop the Soul, through the knowledges of this World.

The Soul strives for knowledge, but the human mind often mistakenly sends a human to religion. Right here in religion a human satisfies his thirst in rituals and in the understanding of the World.
The idea that he decides nothing is imposed on a person, they say there is a certain god that decides everything for him (God’s will for everything) and punishes. As for rituals, that’s an energy interaction with the World, according to the Creator’s principle, and, of course, it’s important for the Soul. Thus religion, having understood how to influence a person, satisfied his needs that were not clear to himself. It should be noted that a person in such a case is void of growth’s possibilities.

Someone is born with a desire to paint, someone to sing, and others with no desires at all. Some people are kind and others are cruel. All that’s the experience of our Soul and it’s characteristics, based on previous incarnations.

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