Saints or righteous ones

The subject of this article is saints or righteous people. Who are they and what is the essence of the word ‘righteous’. Like many other definitions, the word ‘righteous’ became a religious one, although it has nothing to do with religion.

What is the meaning of ‘righteous person’?

  • strictly observing the rules of religious morality, pious person;
    «Indeed, she deserved it with her righteous life and at least by the fact that during her life she did not utter a single blasphemy against God.»
  • complying with the rules of religious morality.
    «Love expiates all sins, teaches us to live a righteous life.»
  • corresponding to the ideal of moral purity and justice, fair and right person;
    «But, since the idea of saving the world arises through the establishment of a righteous order or law in Utopianism, the Old Testament idea of theocracy takes on the character of saving the world through state coercion.»

In fact, the word has its essence and it is very audible. In the Russian language ‘righteous’ is [pra-ved-nik], where [Pra] is ‘the path of Ra’ and [Ved] means ‘to know’. The syllable ‘pra’ in the Russian language is also used, for example, in such words, as ‘rule’, which is [pra-vilo], meaning correct and truthful action.

What I’m trying to draw your attention to? The syllable ‘pra’ means ‘correct’ and correct actions, and ‘correct’ means ‘following the path of Ra’, the path of Light.

What the path of Ra is?

This is transition from the Darkness to the Light, that is birth and life.

Let’s go back to the word ‘righteous’, it turns out that the righteous is the one who knows something exactly. Who knows the truth? And how is it, to know in a right way? It means to know Ra, which is the Light and its birth out of Darkness.

That is what the Faith reveals us. That is about birth from Darkness and about Life. Of course, we are not talking about martyrdom for the sake of some God, it’s not about salvation. Life is the Time spent for fulfillment of our Plan. The Earth teaches us to think how to make mental things material. About creation and fulfillment.

But alas, some religions teach that we are not supposed to be worldly oriented, directing our mind to worship instead.

I wish you to be righteous not in terms of religion, but by your essence. If you want to have true Knowledge, there is no need to suffer.

Martyrdom will not give nor you, neither the Earth, or people any contraption or anything new. But you were born to create …

True-Faith Mother, Alena Polyn

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