Search for happiness

Once I asked a man who came to me for help:

— Are you looking for something? What are you looking for?
— I want to find happiness,- the man answered.

That’s weird. You shouldn’t look for happiness, happiness is an integral part of your life that you are entitled to by birth.

Do you know what part you are entitled to? Where is the table with your sweet piece of pie? You don’t know! That’s why you are looking for it. It is very bad that you don’t know. But I’m writing all these articles in order to navigate you to your pie of happiness.

What we will need in search for happiness: ​​

  1. A Will. If you don’t have it and you are in religion, believing that the will of God rules everything, then you’ll fail. Your will is guiding you on your life path, while religious god’s will leads you to serve to this god. You will not find your piece of pie in this manner.
  2. To honor the rules of a happy person.

What are these rules?

  1. Do not waste time.
  2. Learn to enjoy.
  3. Learn to get angry.
  4. Love yourself and the world.

This is the minimum that you need to think about, if everything is good with these rules.

The image of a happy person is not the same as the image of an optimist, who ignores the problems and manifests that they do not exist. It is a real conscious person who allows all emotions to be and sees himself in the world as a part of the whole world.

In search of happiness, you will have to go from article to article, read, delve into, listen to a soul review and navigation will work. As you see, switching on of the navigator for searching happiness is possible through the buttons of all articles. In each article I try to give you the direction of your way in order you will not lose your way.

Of course, you will ask me if I’m happy. What makes me happy?

I am definitely happy! Because the whole world is in me and I’m in the world. I love the Earth very much and every day I feel that the Earth loves me. What makes me happy? Returning of the Faith to people. Because I feel the Earth’s pain, which sees how people, as if they were blind kittens with the cross on their neck, are hitting against a wall and keep saying that there is nothing else except the wall.

If you repeat yourself  “I want to find happiness” every day, write to me — I will be glad to help you with it. And, of course, I always look forward to your feedback about changes in life!

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3 комментария

  • maura
    31.01.2020 at 18:45

    Thank you, Alena, for giving the key to understanding of what we are, of our inner state! I read all your articles and each one like a part of a puzzle give me the whole picture of myself!

  • smile
    16.02.2020 at 11:31

    Very often I hear «advice»: calm down, absolve the problem, and change your attitude to the problem. I’ve just recently noticed that when I get angry, I start acting to spite the enemy. I use my anger energy to find the solution to the current situation and, as a rule, everything turns out successfully. As for «love yourself» — this is what I should learn. I don’t know why but it is much easier for me to do a good deed for someone than for myself, and others begin to use it in an impudent way. Thank you for such an interesting article!

  • elisabeth_rose_balashova
    23.03.2020 at 17:15

    I found my happiness with you and your knowledge. True profound happiness.