Do you ever feel ashamed? Ashamed of something you did, or maybe just thought..

So, shame is formed on the basis of an inner con. Con is your rule by which you live. Those who have no con know no shame.

A shameless person, or a person without shame, he is also called a person without conscience, but we will talk about conscience separately. So, a shameless person is dangerous to everyone. He who does not have shame does not have it due to the lack of a con, and those who have a weak Kin, a poor Spirit, do not have a con, therefore some people commit acts of disgusting content, everyone is horrified, but they are not ashamed.

Why aren’t they ashamed? They have no inner con, and therefore they aren’t not ashamed. People who have no con do not respect the law of the state where they live. Kin’s weakness is indicative of such components of life as:

  • drug addiction,
  • alcoholism,
  • suicide,
  • prison,
  • orphanage,
  • religious fanaticism.

From childhood explain to your child what he might be ashamed of. By the way, when a person grows up spiritually, he becomes ashamed not only of himself, but even of other people who act wickedly. The formation of the con of the Kin and accordingly the family and personal self is necessary from childhood.

How do you form a con?

Are you leading the child correctly?

Even animals have a sense of shame, they understand what they did wrong and lay back their ears. So it turns out that shame may not be present in some people, but it may be present in animals. Shame, very shame, for this!

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  • starcom
    09.02.2021 at 07:44

    Thank You for this article! I felt shame for others very often, but I didn’t think that I feel it because of my con. I was sure I had this feeling because of my blocks and complexes.