Spiritual caress

Today I will talk to you about something very important, about the spiritual caress of the loved ones.

Of course, before understanding spiritual caress, you should understand the importance of tactile sensations. Ask yourself the following questions: how often do you caress your loved ones? What do you think a caress is?

The fact is that hugs, strokes, kisses accompany the family throughout the whole time that they spend together. It can only be dinner and breakfast time, or it can be the whole weekend. There are touches of the back, hugs, kisses, the ability to snuggle, resting your head on the shoulder.

But today we will talk about spiritual caress. What is this? When you touch each other not only on the body level, but also on the spiritual level. Such families always live in harmony, children are obedient, and everyone feels the warmth of the house.

To understand how to caress spiritually, you should perceive your Spirit. Yours, not the Spirit of a certain religious god, but yours. Appeal to your Kin, close your eyes and feel an exciting movement inside yourself, try to perceive this inner warmth. It is this warmth that you give to your loved ones.

Spiritual caress is necessary for all your loved ones. It brings you closer together, makes you one family. Be caressing with each other!

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