Spiritual growth

The path of spiritual growth of a person is hard and thorny.

On this path, you meet “gurus”, “teachers”, religion, etc. However, all this does not give rise to personality, but chaos. It happens even worse — it leads to irreversible negative consequences for the psyche and for all spheres of human life. But people want to know, again and again, they risk for the sake of seeking the truth. Someone sees in the spiritual growth of personality the importance for their earth life and life after death. Others embark on the path of spiritual growth in the escape from reality. And although not everyone has a desire for such a development, many people still have it.

In order to understand and safely begin the spiritual growth of a person, we must make out two main components.

Personality and Spirit

Spirituality for many is associated with religions, and this is fundamentally wrong. In religions, there is a spirit of God, that is, the spirit of the religious god that the religion, chosen by you, is preaching. But you are in search of the path of your spiritual growth and not the help of a particular religion in development, they will gather adherents without your help.

Spirituality is primarily the Power of the Spirit. Attention! It is not about the spirit of God, but of yours. When passing the ritual of entering any religion, your spirit is replaced by the spirit of God. Now you, as a disabled person with a prosthesis, you can no longer grow spiritually. After all, the amputated leg will not grow, the spirit will not appear either! It is bitter, tough, but true.

Now to the personality

A personality is an identity, a grain in the soul that grows with each of your incarnations. Hence the word «magnanimous», meaning a great soul. But for growth, it needs a spirit of your own, and not a religious one. We make a reasonable conclusion. In no religion will there ever be spiritual growth and personal growth.
I would like to ask you — do you feel your personality?

For those who want to regain their Spirit, find their way and begin the growth of personality, I conduct Krashenie

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2 комментария

  • maura
    27.01.2020 at 14:11

    Some time ago when I was in religion, I tried to reconnect with my own Spirit, but, of course, it was not successful. And now I see why. At present I’m in the process of obtaining the connection with my Spirit again, thanks to Krashenie and thanks to your knowledges!

  • smile
    16.02.2020 at 14:25

    Psychologists and «gurus» only excite the soul, creating the illusion of development. As a result, after the end of the psychological session, a person feels confusion when returning to the daily routine. She/ he faces with the fact that received “knowledge” is not applicable in real life. And a person does not have the courage to stop, to be alone with herself / himself, to listen to herself / himself. A person is afraid to take responsibility for herself / himself, for spirit and spirituality. Thank you for explaining the concepts of personality and spirit.