Spring Rains

Spring is always a renewal, the beginning of a new and a period of rebirth.

The Soul is filling with joy at the increase of light and warmth. With Spring the rains wash and nourish the Earth, renewing and filling it.

In the tradition of all peoples, Rains, especially spring ones, were welcomed in a special way. Let’s remember the nursery rhyme: «Rain, Rain, make it rain, there will be a harvest of bread…».

But folk nursery rhymes appeared for a reason. As well as fairy tales, they described the traditions and rites of the people.

So the rain, especially spring one, brought the harvest. During the period of agriculture, of course, it was about the harvest in the fields. Today for many people the harvest is a monetary gain.

Most religions have made money evil and forbidden to think about the material, taking a person away from creation into a pool of suffering and detachment or contemplation. But the importance of action leads a person to a new level, and the desire to suffer (as any psychiatrist will tell you) leads to a disease. As for detachment and contemplation, such a state allows a person to take a break from business, but on a permanent basis deprives him of growth completely.

Therefore, let us return to the origins and, realizing the need to create, the need to receive material benefits, let us recall again the spring Rain.

Appeal to the Rain:

«Rain, Rain, make it rain, there will be a harvest of bread, and give me (say what). Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!»

Of course, we appeal to the Rain when it rains.

All the peoples of the world have always interacted with nature, for the Earth and Heaven help man in everything. Having turned away from those whom we see and understand, who give us everything, we have created certain masters for ourselves, so that they, having enslaved us, began to control us.

Time turned back to basics and we must remember that we live on Earth and walk under Heaven, and again learn to feel the universe.

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