Spring welcoming traditions

Spring was welcomed by people in a special way, because everyone loved Spring very much.

Each nation had its own custom, its own spring tradition.

In Russia people welcomed birds and baked cookies in the form of larks. People treated «Birds» cookies to each other and decorated tree branches with them. It was a beautiful tradition of meeting birds. The birds were messengers of Heaven and people sang praises to them and of course waited for them.

The tradition of baking «larks» was a ritual action of meeting Spring and asking for help from Heaven.

Besides, there was another tradition of spring – the removal of the cross of burdens. It has been completely forgotten. People baked a cross of rye flour, the whole family kneaded the dough and then recite:

«The cross of burdens, get out of my family. Get out!»

People used to repeat it three times and took the baked cross away to the street dogs.

I also did not remember about that tradition. Since the older generation of my family left this life we no longer made those crosses. And one day I saw a photo in the recommendations of the social network (I attach it to the article because it is publicly available), and the publication to the photo says that it’s time of a cross-worshipping holiday (it even sounds terrible), and instead of birds children bake crosses to eat them… what will be the result of this ritual action? With this they accept the cross of suffering which substitutes the joy of life.

Let’s perform the rites consciously for our benefit.

I wish joy to you!

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