Stages of human life

Human is in sync with nature in everything. Today we will discuss stages of human life.

Let’s start with birth. In nature Spring corresponds this period.

The start of our Life is full of seething energy, which Time leads impetuously speeding up forward. Remember it is the first years of Life that a child makes an instant, within the framework of all Life, leap in development, namely: from a nubble, a screamer, he stands on his legs and begins to speak, everything is interesting to him.

Next comes Summer.

Summer is full of diversity of colours, birdsong, and before our eyes trees grow fruit from flowers. Berries replace one other. Summer is our maturity where we learn something new every day, grow.

Next comes Autumn, and we enter a reasonable state of accepting wisdom, we reap the fruits of our deeds, and in nature at that Time there is a harvest, and smoothly Autumn ends Life plunging into old age.

Here comes Winter – Death. You remember that after Winter there will be Spring again, and so we will be born again.

But all of us? No, not all. There are perennial crops, and there are annuals. We all have different Souls, and for some people it is the last incarnation in the human body, and for others it is generally the last incarnation.

Our Soul came to Earth to grow, and body is its Temple, grow Soul and take care of your body. Value Life. And I will continue to tell you how to synchronize  with nature and Seasons in order to live happily!

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