Заключенный с татуировкой креста

Suffering as a way of life

Unfortunately suffering is a necessity in many cultures and even can be considered as a God’s love. Let’s discuss the accuracy of such perception of life.

If we consider God to be our parent, the reasonable question comes up. What kind of parent is this, who wants his children to suffer? Of course such sadists exist and they obviously suffer from really serious mental disorder. So, if we consider God to be our parent, he can not wish us to suffer.

God – the judge is a well known image in many cultures. The judge wants to convict the accused according to laws, laws he doesn’t follow himself (it is not a secret anymore). God’s image as a judge is more appropriate for those who wants to explain themselves the necessity of suffering in human’s life. There is some God who convicts us for our sins. It means he is not a parent, he is the one who came to convict us!

All got together

Yes, indeed, he came to judge. Why? There is a topic for a separate article. People agreed to suffer, to be accused. It is their own choice of living. But when you have been remaining in the court room since childhood and just moving to cage, hospital or forced labour, then again coming back to the court room, you don’t see the world. You can only guess what exist there, behind the walls and slavery.

This life doesn’t have anything common with Faith. Therefore, do not call yourself believers. Faith is one for everybody and it tells us only about knowing RA – the Light. The child is born from Darkness. Once he is born he discovers the Light, so now he knows both Darkness and Light that allow him to develop in harmony.

The system’s levers start working right away and Darkness is called negativity, that means to cut ties with Mother. Light is replaced with some God, that means to cut ties with Father.

Have you recognized your life? Have you heard the expression ‘Dark Forces’? Have you imagined something bad? Do you have a terrible job? Family troubles? Lack of money? Health problems? Documents delays?

God suffered a lot and willed that suffering should be our lot. Have you heard? Have you agreed? You have got a seal then. How to get rid of it? Learn more about Faith and Krashenie Ceremony.

Faith Mother, Alyona Polun

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  • smile
    16.02.2020 at 15:46

    I’ve always wondered how you can be both God’s children and God’s servants at the same time. When I asked this question to religious people, they could not clearly answer anything. I liked it best when they said,» The evil one in you says » There was no answer to the question of who it was and where it came from in me. ))) Thanks to Alena’s explanations, I realized that «bad» and» good » are relative concepts. Well, the fact that Darkness and the Light are actually united, and only because of one there is another, is clear from the beginning.