Temptation of the World

You will be surprised at it. Yes, it could be so! Many teachings tell you how to resist the temptation of the World. I can’t keep silence and not to explain what doesn’t even need the explanation.

Imagine the situation:

The child sits in the corner of the room, covers his face with his hands from the Light, he is not interested in any toys and keep saying that he is not perfect.
Can you imagine it? Is this a normal child? Of course, not. This is exactly what many false teachings preach, trying to make you be just like a sick child.

The temptation of the World is one more direction of intimidation when they manipulate you and tell you about the danger of knowledge and the World, of enjoying life and uselessness of a self development. Many people don’t even think that it is possible to enjoy the World both with spirit and body, mired in disasters and at the same time asking some God for help, people do not see the World. Aren’t you this child in the corner? Think about it.

Answer this question honestly

If parents torture a child so that he becomes a real person, are they full-fledged parents? Sadists can’t be healthy!
Therefore, teachings saying about the necessity to kill for the sake of somebody or sufferings, could not be the Truth!
The World is in you and you are in the World. The Faith opens the world to you and you, of course, can be fascinated with the world, write poems, create paintings, create! The World is many-sided and you are many-sided. You all forgot about yourselves and you are like this kid who hides from Light in the corner, you hide too.

The Faith is not the scheme of manipulation invented by people, and not teaching saying that the God suffered and willed us to suffer. The Faith is the knowledge, that initial one which appeared on the Earth, but it was destroyed because it didn’t make people slaves. Actually you‘ve been sitting in the corner for a long time already and joy is possible for you when you disable your consciousness with alcohol. Consciousness is the collaborative knowledge, have you thought over with whom you have a joint knowledge.

Who is your God? How did he create people? And why does he need your diseases and sufferings?

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3 комментария

  • smile
    17.02.2020 at 22:41

    I stopped doing usual simple things: look at the sky and see the images that clouds draw, admire the sea and sunset, watch birds, ants and other animals, just lie on the beach, look at the starry sky. Absence of these simple things empties the Soul, turns life into existence. A complete rejection of alcohol, a change of views on many of the actions imposed by the system, fills life with new colors and sensations. Thank you for your knowledge!

  • maura
    18.02.2020 at 10:27

    Religion deprived people imagination and ambitions! How can we grow and develop if we can’t use all our set of feelings and emotions given to us by the creators for comprehension of the many sided world! Alena, thank you for bringing back the Faith! The Faith gives such possibility to comprehend the beauty of this world, to be in love with Life!

  • starcom
    09.02.2021 at 09:07

    It is an excellent comparison! Unfortunately society looks sick! But people are scared to open their eyes, to think independently. They live by the principle ‘like everyone else’.