The ability to be joyful

I noticed that there are people who do not know how to be joyful. But if you do not accept joy inside, then there will be no solar energy in you. But exactly this energy creates the vibration, which attracts… the best events of your Life.
When a joyful event occurs, you need to absorb this energy and get full of it to the brim. Remember how children express joy. They jump up and clap their hands heartily.

Moreover, you can enjoy the weather, information, a good book or movie. It means there is no limit to joy. But if you have accepted joy inside, then your vibration will begin to attract joyful events. Isn’t it a miracle?!
It happens that people walk all the time with a sad face, because religions teach about modesty, non-possession and suffering. Here comes a man with his head down, his eyes downcast, and what is his vibration frequency? That’s right, it’s the frequency of suffering, and he attracts suffering from everywhere. That’s the secret of creating good events in Life. One of the main secrets is the ability to accept joy. I repeat, you should be joyful about good events: weather, book, etc. It means everything that you really like. Energy cannot be deceived.

How to be joyful? From the bottom of your heart. What does it mean “from the bottom of your heart”? Many people say the phrase “from the bottom of my heart” and don’t understand at all what it is about. It’s when your Soul (your heart) connects with  the situation or the object of your joy with a channel, and you literally accept this joy with your whole body and Soul. You will feel the effect of such joy immediately. And as for clapping and jumping (as children do) — this enhances the flows of joy. The channel of acceptance is open in children and, unfortunately, it is more often closed in adults. The system, society, education, religion had a hand in it. You can clap your hands and jump if it is possible.

But! There is an important “but”. You direct the emotion into yourself, being joyful inside. Because an outward-directed emotion, without appropriate skills, can be dangerous. In conclusion, I will remind you what joy is. In Russian, joy is [radost’]. It means to give Ra. Ra is the flow of our Luminary that passes through all the planets and enter the top of our head. So when we talk about joy, we mean positive and good flows of energy, receiving by us.

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