The appearance of the Creator to people

For many people the Creator is the same as God. But this is completely different and, of course, it is necessary to get back to this topic again. Now we should realize that everything around us was created by someone.

Definitely, the level of this someone is not equal to a human level, and therefore he does not need sacrifices and suffering. To send someone to suffer in order to save all mankind is also very foolish. If you know how to make a pie, you hardly want anybody to kill someone or you wouldn’t be able to make a pie.

In general, people who invented religions were still humans and thought like humans, which gave rise to the nightmarish mythology of fanaticism.

Now let’s return to the Truth.

We see the manifestation of the Creator on Earth in everything and everyone. But his main manifestation is in the Sun, which forms nature cycles and, of course, on which we are very dependent.

Astrology has always been described in mythological way by great minds, besides the connection of the planets and a human has now been proven. So, the Sun rises (increases its Power), the Sun goes through different cycles and this is the natural Time Wheel. The Time Wheel influences us greatly. And, undoubtedly, those who understand it and know how to enter the stream of Time get everything.

Obviously, there is the Sun and other planets, and the image of the Creator is incomprehensible for an ordinary person. But we need its manifestation, and that is why we see the Sun in Heaven.

The Sun is like the eye of the Creator, and everyone can see it. You don’t need to believe in it because someone told you so, you yourself feel and see what I am writing about now.

If you denied the Creator all your Life and were in religion, then after Death your soul will go to a cesspit for slave souls invented by religious egregors, they call it hell. You are not able to return to the Source. The Soul will now be mutilated for a long time and this torture is terrible.

Religions came to Earth as prostheses for disabled. The lost and the weak needed to be put together for recycling. You don’t deny the dump, don’t you? Do you throw garbage there? Where would you throw garbage if it were not there?

But if there is an abundance of garbage dumps and the city already stinks, the system changes the way of waste disposal. The period of change of the system approach has come. Now it is possible to learn the Truth in order to isolate from weak souls those who can still be rehabilitated. We live in interesting times when knowledge is available to everyone, and everyone can think about what he believes in. Is this true or false?

The Russian language has retained the essence of words, and the Orthodox Faith (‘Pravoslavnaya Vera’ in Russian) has nothing to do with religion. Do not substitute concepts for yourself, do not fool yourself.

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