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Today we are talking about the aura. How the aura is formed and how to learn to see it. Let’s take it step by step.

The Human Aura, (Greek: «breeze») in a number of different esoteric beliefs and eastern religions, — a manifestation of the human Soul and Spirit.

Interpretation of the Aura

In religious and esoteric stories and legends, the Aura is a radiant light around a person’s head and whole body. It may be seen as a sign of special, mystical force.

In mystical literature it is described as shining oval shape, surrounding all body of a person, which is visible only at supersensible perception; in the Fine Art — a halo, an aureole.

In esotericism, parapsychology and new-age – it is an area that surrounds a person’s body like a halo and consists of several interconnected layers, usually represented in different colors.

In some cases, the phenomena of perception caused by pathologies accompanied by synesthetic states of subjects are interpreted by them as «seeing the human’s aura».

In works of western (Catholic) and eastern (Orthodox) Christian art the halo is not related to the aura: in the West the halo symbolizes the reward given to the saint from above for righteousness; in the East the halo – a circle of radiance, a sign of enlightenment of the face of the saint.

There is a concept of Orthodox Christianity, according to which, the halo on the icons is the image of the Tabor light emanating from the saint.

These are definitions of aura from various sources. But, we are interested to get to the bottom of it.

The Essence of the Aura

The Aura, in Russian is cocoon, in which the human body is, as in the egg. The Aura, or cocoon, is formed on the basis of planetary currents and energies emanating from the human; the place of human’s living, food, thoughts and surroundings also influence on the Aura. The Aura is changeable and not static. If a human in a harmonious state, the color of the Aura contains the whole spectrum of colors. Modern devices of photographing the Aura, of course, are for fun and have a complete mismatch with reality.

The Aura around the head of the saint is not the Aura, as various Internet sources write. The halo, which is formed from acquiring of a large amount of energy from the planets, is what is called RA. The image of the saints, with a halo around the head, originates from ancient Times, where the saint is not a Church figure, not a martyr or a sufferer, but a Person with special knowledge that helps him to acquire RA in colossal volumes. Correspondingly, to have a Mind (in Russian “RAZum” [razum]) means RA adjoins the Earth and the Mind, and the Human becomes saint – a Superhuman. The Saint is the one who acquires the Light that is why he is the Saint. Read the article «How to Become a Saint».

The Tabor Light emanating from the saint is actually the Light of RA, which the Superhuman was able to acquire through special knowledge and skills.

The Tabor Light is neither the essence of God nor the creature, but the energy of the essence. The energy of the essence is inseparable from the essence and is not merged with it. The energy of the essence is uncreated. The energy of the essence does not divide the essence and does not disturb its simplicity.

The name «Godhead» refers not only to the essence of God, but also to the energy, that is, the energy of God is also God himself. In the essence of God the creature cannot participate, in the energy — it can.

By God we must understand not the likeness of God, that is, our bodily sheath, but the Image (in Russian “Obraz” [‘ɒbraz]), about God RAZ — the special energy of the light spectrum.

The most detailed structure of the Aura is presented in the eastern philosophies of Hinduism. They note from five to seven «sheaths» or «bodies» in different schools.

The following bodies are most often distinguished:

  • etheric (astral)
  • emotional (world of emotions)
  • mental (the world of thoughts)
  • causal (causal, or karmic)
  • buddhic (soul)
  • the Atmic (the higher or true “Self”).

According to religious eastern philosophies, violations of integrity or forms of «sheaths» leads to emergence diseases, and methods of their elimination are breathing exercises, meditation and other methods of yoga. As you can see, Hinduism, one of the oldest religions, is based on knowledge of the religious sense.

I see the Aura of people, and therefore, I can declare, there are no layers in the Aura, and the cocoon consists of constantly floating back and forth energy, and different colors.

The cocoon or the Aura, as I wrote above, possesses both protective functions and supporting physical body, a kind of supply energy, which always can be taken (if of course to know how).

The additional radiant light around the head — a halo, is peculiar for those who acquire RA. Additional radiant light underfoot, that has no name and there are no people who knows about it, is acquiring of “The Black Sun”. The name is coined by people, as it is about the inner the Earth core, which also carries a charge of energy.

The importance of the Aura is undervalued by people, and therefore, I will return to this topic in the next articles.

How to Learn to See the Aura?

First, you need to feel your aura, its density, taste and movement. Then, realize that there is a bio-field around the person and begin to look not at the person, but at what is around. The more developed your mind, the faster you will see the aura.

Faithful Mother, Alyona Polun


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  • maura
    07.01.2020 at 17:12

    Thank you for the detailed explanation of Aura! It was quite complicated for me but now it is clear! I’ll try to learn how to see it 🙂

  • smile
    16.02.2020 at 14:41

    Amazing article. Everything is clear. I was especially surprised that the human’s aura has no layers! The other day, a woman said she had seen on TV that the Chinese had only three bodies in the aura, etc. Such global deception with these bodies! And people believe it, because they cannot check what they do not see. Thank you for your true knowledge!