The best way to celebrate the New Year

The meaning of the Russian word ‘Prazdnik’ (holiday in English) is the way of Ra to the Earth, that is, these are special energy flows, and they are inherent in all holidays.

We may say that a holiday is a special sacrament when people attract good events to their lives. Hence, we arrange the beautifully laid table and decorations and of course the festive mood.

The tablecloth, candles and serving are also of great importance. We attract all the necessary energies into the house. In this sense, the most important holidays can be singled out.

There are holidays associated with nature, that is, the Wheel of Times, the holidays of the Ancestral Egregore, in particular, Birthdays and, of course, the New Year. The New Year is a transition into a new numerical matrix, into new energies. Therefore, it is very important to celebrate it in a right way.

Be sure to leave all the bad things in the past, don’t take them around with you, just consciously let them go. Light a black candle and say:

«I let go all evil and bad things out of my life. Get out!»

Say 9 times.

On January 1, realize the beginning of a completely new period and make up plans for this year. State your desires clearly. Turn to the Sun, open wide your hands, looking at the sky, ask for what is important for you.

Be happy!

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