The birth of a person. First days

The period when a child leaves mother’s womb is a great phenomenon of Life. Light meets the birth from Darkness, and this is the greatness of nature. Soon after birth, a newborn is initiated to the Light. The Light of the Almighty is represented in Heaven by the Luminaries, the main of which is the Sun. So, a baby is introduced to the Sun, so that the Sun will light the way for him. But first the newborn is washed with Water with the words:

The Water is washing the baby so
that his life way will be easy to go.

This action washes away the connection with the other world and protects against accidental death.

The baby’s navel is tied with the words:

I’ve tied the navel of life
and directed his way to joy and light

It is better to wrap the baby in his father’s shirt, thus you will establish a relationship between child and father.

The next step is to initiate the newborn to the Light. It is performed by a knowledgeable person. The purpose of such rite is to improve the baby’s health, help him on his life way, and, of course, to give him the mind. Without initiation to the Light a person will have only brain (‘Um’ in Russian) and no mind (‘Raz-Um’ in Russian).

But instead of it today a baby is given to the slaughter in religion. As a consequence it will deprive the child of health, joy, mind and block his life ways. Indeed, in religion the main things are the state of sinfulness, poverty of spirit and suffering.

This is how the beginning of life way is started now!

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