The cassock and a priest

Today we will talk about the cassock, priests clothing.

In Russian the word ‘cassock’ is [ryasa], derivative from [ob-ryashe-vanie], which means ‘obtaining smth’. In this sense [obryashevanie] or ‘obtaining’ means getting energies by doing some magic actions. The cassock is a clothing for priests of a certain cult. So now you could understand why priests wear the cassock, everything connected with religion is connected with magic at the same time.

There is nothing negative in magic. It was discredited by the efforts of the priests that are practicing magic by themselves. It turns out that magic was prohibited and disgraced by priests with the aim of eliminating any further competition. But magic is different in nature. Necromancy with its subsection on working with dead bodies is a part of black magic and priests are practicing it rather actively. Hallows are parts of dead bodies, but nobody thinks about it.

The symbol of Power, which a priest obtains, is usually worn above the cossack. There are various types of Power and by the ‘jewelry’ that a priest wears we can see which Power is drawn on Earth.

By the way, literally on Earth, because during any ritual the Power of a priest is transmitted on Earth, then it goes further to those who might know nothing about it. Christian priests and holy fathers wear a crucifix, which means that they bring the Power of death and suffering (they don’t bother to hide it).

That’s why Saints in religion are not those, who transmit the Light on Earth, but those who empower suffering and pain.

Remember, Saints are conductors of Light, they pass Light and Warmth on. They are conducting joy, that’s the energy flows from the Luminaries, the light can be passed through them on Earth more than through the others. That’s why they are pictured with the Light above their heads (a halo).

Later religions would announce suffering holy and seal all names with suffering, bringing pain, death and suffering on Earth.

Bringing the Faith back on Earth we support not only ourselves, we help everybody in getting joy.

I wish you joy. Don’t let anybody make a fool of you! Such deception costs a life.

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