The cause of poverty

We have already discussed the cause of poverty several times. Today I’m going to discuss this topic more thoroughly.

At first let’s review the main causes of poverty.

  1. The Kin (Family) negative program. The Kin made a vow of poverty or did not pay the debt to religion.
  2. The absence of personal resource. At the end of your previous life you refused wealth and made a vow of poverty, losing money, you didn’t strive to earn money and considered it as a sin.
  3. You do not have the power necessary to gain the energy of money.

Now let’s consider all the points deeper.

The Kin program of poverty is formed if there was a monk or some other participant of a sect in your Kin, when somebody of your Kin sacrificed his property to religion or sect.

The absence of money resource means that you rejected money or perhaps asked some religion for something but did not pay for it. Yes, everything has its price.

You do not have the power to earn, to raise and save money. Everyone who has no personal or family resource, has to develop it himself. Not only your present, but also your next life as well as your children’s life will depend on succeeding in it.

Summarizing everything that I wrote, you can see that in most cases the main cause of poverty is religion, as religion imposes the perception of money as a sin.

This all brings up a reasonable question. What about very rich people who are deeply religious? How could it be?

I can tell you. A person having the resource, develops his money channel and invests in churches and expensive icons. The Christian egregore is satisfied and doesn’t deprive this person of anything, but there is one «but»…

This «but» is a significant one. This person will be poor in his next life. All his resources will go to the religion.

We have discussed with you the causes and factors of poverty. This is how the level of a family and a kin is formed in the environment, there is a whole system of interaction and laws which exists for regulating all this and without proper knowledge you are doomed to poverty.

How to become rich?

  1. To realize what your Family resource is.
  2. To realize your own resource.
  3. To abandon religion by means of Krashenie.

Start to act, making up a good plan. Please, note that actions include both energy and physical contribution into the process.

What to do if you have no money?

You don’t have any money now and there is no opportunity for Krashenie to be set free from slavery. But still you can start with small things. Get rid of all religious symbols you have in your house, take off the cross (you’ve already carried it enough), step into a new life and you will notice the changes for better.


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