The Cult of Ur

In the previous article I explained you which spring holiday is celebrated by everyone and what consequences such celebration brings.

In this article I‘d like to bring back the rites and traditions to the Earthly holiday itself.

So when we celebrate the Fertility Holiday?

In each country Easter is counted in its own way and the date may vary. So to block the impact of the evil on Earth we will celebrate it on the same day as Easter is celebrated.

How will we celebrate the Cult of Ur?

We will bake a big Easter cake, paint eggs, decorate our tables with bunnies, birds and greens giving a special place to the Golden Taurus. As we celebrate the Fertility the Golden Taurus must be on the table.

Candles should be green and red, preferably made of beeswax, but in any case they are not to be from church!

Crackling the eggs symbolizes cracking under the pressure of a chick (new Life).

Consecration of the Easter cake and eggs is necessary and surely according to the tradition the Sun gives us Light for the consecration.

Open the window, raise the cake with the eggs on a plate and read:

«The light of the Sun sanctifies the Earth,
Fills everything with Life.
Fill with Power of Life this Easter cake and eggs.
So mote it be»

Repeat 9 times.

Enjoy the cake and eggs afterwards.

And, of course, say to each other:

«The spring Sun has woken up. Hooray!»

A person can answer you:

«Has truly woken up. Hooray!»

And we will definitely hold special rituals and meetings with you.

I wish you Joy and true Feast of Fertility!

*Ur is a phallus

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