The depth of a human soul

First let’s understand what the soul is. Soul is the reunion of Good at the level of matter (low-frequency enough) with the Spirit. Now in simple language: Face (that can be seen and even touched) connects with the Spirit and comes to matter (in the body) on Earth.

The depth of the soul, the sides of the soul of a person, sincere, generous – all these are not just beautiful words, but a description of the qualities of the soul that everyone has long forgotten about. It’s time to remember.

The secrets of human souls are hidden in the Darkness of creation. People don’t know about this and they don’t want to know. Religions described the creation of man, mentioning only that God breathed something into him. But we are talking here about a religious god, mainly about the spirit of God, which blocks the human spirit and the growth of the soul. We’ll talk about this again.

Let’s go back to the depth of the soul. The depth of a human soul is responsible for the amount of knowledge brought by the soul and acquired in this incarnation. The actions of man are formed mainly from the quality of the soul. Why can one act in a certain way and the other cannot? Because the souls are different: there are small souls, almost without face, and there are great souls.

Face, like a seed, grows and becomes huge, then you go to a higher incarnation, not in the human body. The word personality came from the face of the soul – yes, indeed, the person depends on the face. On Earth, you are given Time to grow, but not everyone uses it to grow. See what your Time is spent on: discussing someone, talking on the phone? Never join those who have small souls and spend their time not on growth, but on some nonsense, entertainment, chatter and discussion of others. Having joined such people, you will never grow up again.

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  • smile
    12.04.2020 at 12:21

    The article is interesting. It was always difficult to choose people for communication. Now even more so.
    I have to communicate with people only out of necessity. Thank you for the article.