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The energy of stones

We have already discussed the energy of tree, and today I will talk about the energy of stones.
Stones are great for energizing. The energy of stones is associated with stability. In human body the energy of stones heals and strengthens bones, nails and teeth. Stones balance the emotional background, and therefore have a great effect on the nervous system. If you buy gems and precious stones, as well as jewelry and stone products, then it is better to select them consciously, with a specialist. Although it is quite possible to ask your body, to feel what sensations the stone causes.

River and sea stones are quite useful for everyone, but alpine (rock) gardens created on gravel beds are not,as well as dry streams (the latter can block the energy of Water). Meanwhile, stone stairs and stone furniture greatly stabilize a person and positively affect his financial state.

And here state means standing (the base). What are we standing on now? What thoughts, ideas, emotions, relationships you do have right now. So, the stone gives the state of calmness. And in a state of calm, everything goes better. Stones are used for body massage and, of course, to be admired and to hold in hands. All of the above helps to gain the energy of the stone.

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