The Essence of Coronavirus. In 2020 two Forces started a war.

The multiple predictions of various prophets about the war of two Forces came true in 2020 and for the first time two Forces openly clashed in a battle not hiding their goals.

This article will open your eyes to what you don’t see or don’t want to see, but right now you need to urgently decide which side you are on. What Force will reign on Earth now depends on us.

So the first Force, the terrible Force that has reigned on Earth for many years – this Force collects bribes in the form of suffering, disease, poverty and openly declares this without hiding what the Force is especially active in.

Let’s look at it intently.

Here Saint Arsenios the Cappadocian recommends the use of Psalm 50 if …

Psalm 50: When God’s educational wrath comes upon us – epidemics and general diseases that bring death to people and animals

So we see that the Saint is aware how the Lord punishes his slaves, but apparently the slaves have forgotten it.

The execution in the «holy» book is described in all colors and has a number of directions:

Beating with stones (lat. lapidatio – “stoning, lapidation”, from lat. lapis, lapidis – “stone”) is a type of death penalty used by ancient Jews.

After the relevant decision of the authorized legal body: the king or the court (in the old Testament society before the age of judges the sentence was pronounced by the prophets), a crowd of direct relatives, less often ordinary citizens, gathered and killed the guilty person by throwing heavy stones at him.

Decapitation (from the word head; decapitation from lat. caput, capitis – head) is physical separation of the head of a living being from the body. Decapitation can be intentional, such as the slaughter of poultry, decapitation of experimental animals, murder or execution of the death penalty; it is performed using a special tool — the guillotine or chopping and cutting tools – an axe, sword, knife. Unintentional decapitation can occur as a result of an explosion, car accident, or other accidents. Suicide by decapitation is rare but still occurs: in 2003 a British man decapitated himself using a self-constructed guillotine with an electric trigger.

Rembrandt: stoning of St. Stephen, 1625

Decapitation definitely leads to brain death as a result of sharply progressive ischemia. Brain death occurs within a few minutes after the separation of the head from the body. The stories telling that the head was looking at the executioner, recognized its name and even tried to speak are highly exaggerated from the point of view of neurophysiology.

Decapitation has served as a form of death penalty for thousands of years. In medieval Europe state and penal criminals were beheaded and displayed to the public. Execution by decapitation with a sword (or axe, any military weapon) was considered «noble» and applied mainly to aristocrats who, as warriors, were considered prepared to die by the sword. «Ignoble» types of execution were hanging and burning.

Among the Jews the Orthodox interpretation of the Talmud (See Tractate Sanhedrin 57a) calls for the beheading of Jews (descendants of Israel) for murder, for complicity in idolatry together with the inhabitants of the city and also with all non-Jews (descendants of Noah) who do not follow the so-called seven laws of the descendants of Noah. Today some rabbis openly through the media and the Internet call on the non-Jewish population of the world to commit themselves to the implementation of these 7 laws, pointing out their importance and necessity for preserving the moral foundations of society. The modern monotheistic religious movement of non-Jews who have undertaken these commitments is called the «Bnei Noach religious movement», and it mainly consists of former Christians. It should be noted that rabbinic Judaism, according to the requirements of the Oral tradition of Moses, ignored partially or completely by other Abrahamic religions, never imposed this punishment after the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple and the abolition of the Sanhedrin.

Decapitation by the sword in modern times have been carried out in jurisdictions subject to Islamic Sharia, as well as by militant Islamists in hot spots. As of 2005, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Sudan, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and Qatar had laws allowing decapitation, but reliable information about their application exists only in relation to Saudi Arabia. In recent years, militant Islamists have begun to decapitate with the help of small knives, similar in size to pocket ones. Decapitation is also preserved as a «legacy» in some former colonies of France – Algeria, Guinea, Morocco.

Execution through decapitation. The photo clearly shows blood spurting from the carotid arteries

Hanging is a form of suicide, murder, and death penalty; mechanical asphyxia, consisting in strangulation with a loop under the influence of body gravity. 

Burning is a type of death penalty in which a convicted person is burnt alive at the stake. 

Burning of people is mentioned in the Bible. According to Manetho, the Kushite king Shabaka, who captured Egypt in 710 BC, burned the Pharaoh Bokhoris alive. 

Slow burning of Jacob Rohrbach, one of the leaders of the Peasant War in Germany in 1525. Fig. from the “Description of the Peasant War” by Harrer (1551)

In Byzantium burning was performed by placing a person inside a hollow copper bull and lighting a fire outside; the screams of the burned person, which were heard through the nostrils of the copper figure, gave the impression that the bull was «roaring». According to Pindar, Diodorus Siculus, and others, a similar type of execution was invented in the VI century BC by the Syracusan tyrant Phalaris, who was deposed and executed in exactly the same way.

Almost forgotten in the era of late Rome and the «dark ages», burning was used more often in the middle Ages, along with immurement and incarceration, since according to the teachings of the Catholic Church, on the one hand, it occurred without «shedding blood», and on the other hand, the flame was considered a means of «cleansing» and could «save the soul». For the first time, the practice of public burning at the stake, which had not been used for 6 centuries, was resumed in 1022 in France against heretics, victims of the Orleans process. In the first third of the XIII century, during the Albigensian wars, many Cathars of Languedoc and Provence were sent to the stake, in the beginning of the XIV century — knights Templar, and in 1348-1349 – Jews of France and the Holy Roman Empire, accused of «poisoning wells» and «spreading the plague» during the «black death».

Burning became most common at the end of the middle Ages and during the Renaissance. Persecution of heretics and apostates of the Spanish Inquisition, as well as the “witch hunt” unfolding in the lands of the Holy Roman Empire and other countries, gave the increase in popularity of this type of execution in the XVI—XVII centuries.

Burning witches at the Reinstein castle near Blankenburg (1555)

During the Enlightenment the number of lawsuits resulting in public burnings decreased, and at the same time attitude towards such punishments changed. This was largely facilitated by the secularization inherent in the ideology of the Enlightenment of that time. Juan Antonio Llorente writes in the book “The History of the Spanish Inquisition” that in Spain in 1540-1700 the Holy Inquisition burned 31700 people, not counting its colonies.

Heretics, apostates, witches, and also men accused of sodomy and women accused of murder of husbands or children were usually burned. Besides, leaders of popular uprisings and unrest were sometimes sentenced to public burning, as a rule, for «edifying» purposes. So, for example, the leader of the Piedmontese sect of the “apostolic brothers” Dolcino was burned in 1307 in Vercelli with his girlfriend Margarita, the leader of the “Jacquerie” Guillaume Kal (1358) and the leader of the Hungarian “Kuruc” Gyorgy Doge (1514) were burned alive on a red-hot “throne”, in 1525 one of the leaders of the Peasant War in Germany, Jacob (Jacqueline) Rohrbach, was burned on a “slow fire” in Heilbronn, and in 1758 the leader of the Maroon rebels Francois Macandal was publicly burned in the French colony of San Domingo on the island of Haiti.

I gave you examples of certain types of executions that were approved by religions and not just approved, but supported and directed.

The first religion.

And now let’s get back to the very beginning.

The first of the mono-religions carrying the Force of enslavement was the Judean; it became the mother of most modern sadistic religions such as Christianity, Islam and Catholicism, and a number of other branches. On the basis of these religions occult societies were created, known throughout the world and took over the reins of government. How do they rein? Due to the very power of the Lord – the Lord that collects the energy of suffering from the people.

Therefore, he commanded you to be poor in spirit and suffer!

What kind of Lord it is to whom all give alms – themselves or rams…

“Since your Lord God is a devouring fire – a jealous God” (Deuteronomy 4, 24).

Caused by the wrath of God, it becomes a “fire” that “burns to the hell and eats the earth and its creations and singes the foundations of the mountains” (Deuteronomy 32, 22). “And my anger and indignation were poured out and were kindled in the cities of Judea and in the streets of Jerusalem” (Jeremiah 44, 6).

Sometimes the wrath of God is sent as elemental power to overthrow individuals and nations (Exodus, 15, 7; Psalm, 78, 49; Job, 20, 23; Ex., 30, 30), or God gives the nations a cup of burning anger so that they drink and go crazy (Jer. 25, 15 and so on).

It turns out that the Lord sends diseases, kills nations for two reasons such as punishment, definitely there is always something for, or as permissiveness (that’s the education of his slaves with a whip).

Disease is not a misfortune, but a lesson and God’s visit; the sick reverend Seraphim was visited by the Mother of God; and we, if we humbly endure the disease, are visited by the Higher Forces..

Health is a gift from God, St. Seraphim of Sarov said, but this gift is not always useful: like all suffering, disease has the power to cleanse us from spiritual filth, to atone for sins, to humble and soften our souls, to make us think better, to acknowledge our weakness and remember God. Therefore, we and our children need diseases.

When you will be disturbed by inconvenience or painful suffering, or something like that, then try not to forget the words of the Holy Scripture: “We should enter the Kingdom of Heaven with many sorrows.”

God does not require bodily exploits from the sufferer, but only patience with humility and thanksgiving.

Most importantly, the religious Lord torments you to have a high-quality soul, and you yourself appeal to it, strengthening it.

Abba Daniel said: «as the body flourishes, the soul is exhausted, and as the body is exhausted, the soul flourishes».

I want to remind you something else about this power of the Lord.

«And every island fled, and there were no more mountains, and hail, the size of a talent, fell from heaven on the people; and the people blasphemed God for the sores of the hail, because the sores of it were very grievous» (Rev 16:18-21).

Here is what the religious magazine Thomas writes to its adherents:

And since we, Christians, believe in just such a good and blessed God, then we should not be afraid of coming catastrophes, floods and earthquakes. All this will be only a certain divine instrument of our salvation at that moment in history when all other methods will prove useless to us.

Pay attention, the pestilence of people is a desire of God, and then it is frankly said who and what will get, who is outside religion will die in torment, who in religion will also die in torment, but will enter the kingdom of God for torment of being slaves, they deserve it by being patient. And not a single word about Life!

And no matter what hopeless catastrophe we plunge ourselves into, the Lord always extends a helping hand to us. We can only believe Him or, if we don’t believe, then perish. This will be the choice of people in recent times. Before the end of the world, those who reject God will … gasp with fear and expectation of calamities coming to the universe (Lk 21:26). To those who keep the faith, Christ says: “When it begins to come true, then worship and raise up your heads, because your deliverance is approaching you” (Lk 21:28). The same signs of the approaching finale of human history will affect people in completely different ways.

For some people these signs will cause fear, despondency and cruel suffering. For others – the joyful news of the imminent cessation of all the troubles and misfortunes of mankind and the advent of a new era in the history of this world.

Prophecy of Alyona Polyn.

Prophecy of Alyona Polyn.

Yes, people thought carelessly that everything I warned about was a fairy tale, but as you can see, the year 2020 brought the two Forces together, so who is fighting with whom and how will this war end?

Speaking loudly about itself, the coronavirus killed thousands of people, nullified the economy and spread panic and fear across the Earth, how did it influence people so skillfully, making them prisoners of their apartments, hospitals, medical masks-muzzles?

All Time is gone, religions have bared their teeth and are fighting for the complete enslavement of people, because it is not without reason that they called the people sheep, which they shear by sufferings. But from Primordial, from the Origin, Faith rose, the knowledge of Ra, the Light, which gives people everything: love, hope, and wisdom.

Which side are you taking now?

 1. The Force of the Lord promised you suffering, poverty and diseases, severe punishments; you have fed it with your energy for many years through different religions, now it is up to you to decide whether you will continue to help terrorism.

2. The Force of Light (Ra is the currents of the Lights) bestows Life, health, love, inspiration. But you forgot about it, it came and wants you to live!

Today the Earth has shown you what and from who to expect, now have time to regain Life and then pestilence, coronaviruses and all other instruments of the sadism of religions will remain in the terrible past of the Earth.

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  • smile
    12.04.2020 at 12:10

    It was really difficult to read about the executions-horror! The fact that everything is being resolved now is very noticeable, and the tension in space is unprecedented. I believe that the victory will be for the Force of Light. I’m with you!
    Thank you for the article.