The Faith Recovery

I’d like to share the difficulties of the Faith recovery with you. After all, if you are together with me for a long time, you can see what I have to go through to recover the knowledge of the Faith, and if you have found me just now, then you certainly want to know the whole truth about the Faith.

Here it is.

I will tell you a secret, or maybe it is not a secret anymore: russian language is not a separate system. All languages are interconnected. Therefore, everything I’ll explain about  russian language inevitably applies to other languages, but in a slightly different way.

«Ra» is a syllable meaning the Light Flows of the Heavenly Bodies. The Light Flows of the main Heavenly Body — the Sun pass through other planets and enter our crown, where «um» (mind) becomes «razum» (intellect). «Um» (mind) is the software  controlling the body. «Raz» is the primary light’s God. Have you heard the expressions: “bright head”, “bright person”, “bright mind”?
(Brightness is an attribute of visual perception in which a source appears to be radiating or reflecting Light). The manifestation of the Light  in a human is the manifestation of the Divine, which means that a human recalls his Divine nature and begins to live like a God, moving away from the animal nature, which he studied as an experience. So, intellect controls the Soul, and mind controls the body. Mind, by the way, does not equal the brain, it resides not only in the brain. Remember a man in a coma, how does his brain work? But, at the same time, the organs continue their work. Who and how manages them at the moment of coma? The mind resides in the nervous system, including a number of other body systems.

But lets go back to intellect and, accordingly, to the Faith. The Faith ( in russian «Vera») is the knowledge of Ra (Vedanie Ra). Knowledge about the light flows of the Heavenly bodies, as about the fundamental principles of Life, about You as God on Earth.

But who really wants you to know who you are? The System Policy, behind which the slave owners stand, do not want this. Therefore, you were skillfully given a substitution, replacing the Faith with religion, and, at the same time, continuing to call religion the Faith. The Faith is a very soul-related word, and therefore does not cause rejection or fear. But for now, religion is hidden under the word «Faith»,  which is dangerous. Do religions, in all their diversity, want human Souls to have memories about the Faith, about the real Faith? No! That is why the religious egregors begin to put up obstacles.

Can I go against these egregores alone? Definitely not this case. This is a centuries-old slave system, where people voluntarily become slaves and give their energy to the slave owner, and also bring their children there. For the Faith to be recalled by people, for us to live truly, not as slaves, I need all of you. Those who have already recalled the Faith, and those who are still looking closely, suspecting what if it is a sect.

But the system will interfere, its task is to leave everything as it is. The system will interfere through people, its slaves. People will start acting against the Faith and against me. What can they do? Engage in various harmful actions. From direct threats to attacks, from insults to influence, using one’s official position. People who don’t allow others to recall the Faith and deny it, do not wish it out of their own Will, they have no Will. Will is the energy coming from a human into outer space, helping to achieve what is desired. Slaves have no Will, since they are controlled by the egregor of the system where they are slaves.

The Temple of Faith is my mission, and I must fulfill it with honor. Today I do not have the opportunity to make it open to everyone, as the system will not allow this, but it is coming. Every day I make a request to the Earth and Heaven to give me Strength for my mission.
To be able to resist harmful actions with dignity, not to conflict with the opinions of people, and to continue the Faith recovery.

Each of you, reading these lines, and hearing, perceiving my words, helps to restore the Faith on the Earth as soon as possible. When the Earth was going through an experience of a religious nature, and this is the experience of prisons for human Souls, the system sent its people in all directions to convince other people, with the help of a whip, that they were right. Today, no one remembers how religions were established on Earth, and thinks that some kind god invented religion. Please, read about the tortures that religions have put and study the religious scriptures that teach to rape and murder.

Its difficult, but you can change a lot for the better. My mission is to implement the Faith recovery on Earth. One does not choose such a mission by himself, one does not fulfill such a task alone. Geting the Power of Faith, restoring it together with me, you become those who abandoned slavery and help the Earth move to a new stage.

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