The Hardships of Life

Every person is a conductor of energy. We all receive different kinds of energy depending on our interests and what egregors we are connected to. We add some extra strength to these energies and conduct them to the world around. Everyone of us is transmitting energies every single second, and these energies are absolutely diverse. Every day we create the energy of our society this way.

In Russian the word “society” is “so — tsi — um” where “so” stands for collaborative, “tsi” — qi energy, and “um” for the mind. Our future is created based on this energy. The dominating energy creates events. Therefore energy is needed for anything good or bad to happen. When you kill rams for religious sacrifice, the energy of suffering and Death is transmitted into the world, thus making suffering and Death exactly what you get. If you wear amulets that spread suffering, for instance, dying Jesus, you and everyone around will suffer. If you walk with a cross (cross procession) you symbolically “carry your cross,” and the world reflects such hardships as suffering, pain, illness, and poverty. If you worship suffering, you bear sorrow and hurt others around you as you are transmitters.

This is how hardships are created globally, and people obediently carry them day after day. Of course, the value of Life gets lost because there is no more happiness. There is only a number of tasks to be solved: problems with health, alcoholism, drug addiction, poverty. Constant transmitting of suffering causes such consequences as pandemics, catastrophes, cataclysms. Every suffering person carries the energy of hardships and suffering.

Today we can observe the result of the long-standing domination of religions and perception of the world through religions. Therefore, pain and Death are caused by those who agreed to suffer in slavery. All those people are criminals torturing themselves and us. The law of energy transmission is apparent, but the scariest thing is not that masochists are among us; the point is that they do this consciously. All religions preach suffering, sacrifice, deny many things, for instance, having family, money etc. People accept it thinking some god needs their suffering, and kill themselves, their children, and the people around.

Before converting to any religion think if you are ready to torture yourself and others?

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