The image of energies on Earth

The image of energies on Earth

Thanks to the artist it was possible to recreate the real image of energies on Earth.

Remember the terrible religious epic about the torture and murder three girls for religion, how their Mother looked at them when they died. Today it is worth saying that the epic is real.

Sofia is the Wisdom of God. The aspect of the Female Power that gives birth to Faith (not a religion), Hope and Love on Earth. In the beginning it is the Mother who falls into the fetters of religion, her influence as the Wisdom of God is completely extinguished on Earth. Then the Christian religion destroys her three daughters – Faith (replaced by religion), Hope (replaced by patience), Love (replaced by service).

After the murder of Faith, Hope and Love the Mother was totally destroyed and the Time for papacy, pedophilia, sadism has come, and the religion of evil has shone in the world.

Today each of you can bring Joy back to Earth.

You need to help your soul to remember how it was and get out of religions (complete Krashenie).

In fact, there are three female images – we can see the Mother as the Wisdom of God, giving life, Faith as receiving joy (currents of Ra), Hope as a trust in the Wisdom of God. Here, by the way, was a cunning substitution, as in all things trusting in a religious God, without action.

In fact, we are talking about something else when there is a difficulty *things always look brighter in the morning* (remembered) we are plunged into Darkness (night), receive answers to our questions and in the morning understand how to act.

Remember the fairytales where women resolved problems of their husbands at night (a female image as wisdom, later wisdom becomes for some reason a male image). Love isn’t a desire to possess, not a feeling for religion but for those around you.

This Licon (L + icon means the presence of images in the picture) will help you remember and bring back to your life the following things:

  • Motherhood (its absence is infertility, bad relations with the mother, lack of understanding of children)
  • Faith – receiving the currents of Ra necessary for a rational and joyful life
  • Hope – the ability to understand how to act
  • Love – successful happy relationships

The Licon can be taken from the site for yourself and your loved ones, sending any possible gratitude for the Temple

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