The Lack of Choice

One thinks he has a choice. It seems we can choose everything, by the way. But reality shows it is just an illusion. One or another choice is always made within a system created not by a person himself. For instance:

  • When and how to celebrate Holidays
  • What to believe in and how to do it
  • Religion
  • Domestic life
  • Parenting
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Social behavior

The list goes on and on depending on the program level within the already existing system.

Adjusting of behavioral skills directly depends on the country of living. What for someone is a rule, for another is just a joke. The system was formed taking into account nationalities that dictate the level of information perception. Like fish in the aquarium that decides which leaf to hide behind. Inside of the coded system for humans, one makes choices the same way but the leaf turns into a different concept.

That is why any religion automatically means God and spirituality.

It does not even cross anyone’s mind that it is the egregore for controlling the masses. Spirituality depends on the strength of the human Spirit. You will not find the human Spirit in religion; there is a god’s spirit instead (belonging to the jealous god that is good at teaching how to rape and kill, torture and perform sacrifices).

The real choice begins when a person reviews the coded system:

  • Why do I raise my kids this particular way?
  • Why is this allowed, and that is not?
  • Why do I wear a cross on my neck?
  • Why does a god enjoy goats’ death?
  • Why do women hide their faces and hair behind the fabric?
  • Why did I send my child to school?
  • Why do I celebrate this Holiday?

Thousands of ‘why’ will help you to uncover the wrapper of the system to see the truth. Truth (in Russian «Pra — vda») means witting Ra’s path. That is why «Pravda»(Truth) can be found only in Vera (in English «Faith»); you will find it nowhere else. “Vera” is witting of Ra. Do you want to live being fooled, it’s exactly what your ancestors chose, you can continue this way leading to nowhere. Those who wish to become «RA-zum-nuyi» (in English “intelligent”) and unfold the Truth need Vera. The system glued even such an important word as Faith to religion and made confused people decide that religion is Faith.

Our Life Path is Vera, as Ra is the currents of the luminaries that lead us and grant us with paths and revelations. But people follow the path of suffering and troubles already coded by the system for its slaves.

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