The most powerful prayer to Heavenly Father

Today we will talk about the sore point.

I was prompted to write this article by the letter of the woman, who wrote that in difficult periods of life she needs to pray to the Father. She does not read the Bible, because it is horrible. She does not believe in church and priests. She does not understand who she should pray to. But her soul needs to appeal to the Father for help so that the life wouldn’t be so hard.

Today I will tell you about the Father, why there is a need to pray and, in general, to whom and why you pray.

Prayer to God

All religions teach a person to serve and pray to God or Gods. Of course, every religion has a different God. There is a whole pantheon. With the advent of Judaism, religions refused polytheism and explained to people that God was one – he was the Creator of people and everything, and people should pray to him and serve him. Of course, everything is clear here. But for some reason this Creator requires the killings of animals and even people (children), created by him, in honor of him, but no one thinks about it.

Judaism gives rise to monotheism, where people believe in one God – the Creator. Each Creator has its name. At the regular Council Christians decide to raise Jesus to the rank of Gods (earlier known as the son of God) and thus another God appears. It is a bit confusing, but quite a good advertising move for collecting new adepts.

So, you pray to the religious god, being sure that you pray to the Creator.

Uncomfortable questions and doubts are immediately excluded. But there are still some important ones:

  1. Why does the Creator need the sacrifices of the creatures created by him?
  2. Why are there such brutal killings, war, inquisition, executions, monastery prisons?

These are only two uncomfortable questions and, of course, they are justified in some way. Well, now let’s discover the truth.

The truth about God-Creator

Your Soul wants to appeal to the Creator, it reaches for him, but they pass off the religious sadist god as the Creator to you. A person doesn’t understand that he is not praying to the Father, as he calls warmly the Creator in his Soul (because he feels exactly warmth to God). Thus the appeal to the God-Creator goes to religion. In religion you are either punished or tortured. From Time to Time you receive prizes (not all of you) for a good prayer and get some gifts, but after some Time religious god takes even more from you.

Why did you confuse the Creator with the religious god? Because the substitution was done imperceptibly for you.

So, you do not appeal to the warmth of Father, but to the evil and sadism of religion, where god can be represented in any form, from Jesus to Yahweh, or he may not have any form at all, and be simply referred to as Allah. But this is a religious cult, it is not the Creator. People who are confident that they pray to the Creator and perform rites, dedicated to him, protect their worldview actively, and they can even kill those who disagree.

But there is the Creator behind this nightmare of world deception. Who is he, and why don’t you appeal to him with a prayer? After all it will be the real and the most powerful prayer to the Father.

No wonder that many people call him so warmly as he brings true warmth in contrast to those bloodthirsty religious gods.

Raz is the Primary Light God. He created people in his image, having endowed them with light bodies, and later Gods gave people bodies in their likeness. That’s why our appearance is different (different nationality), but we have similar light bodies which are covered with physical bodies now.

So, we appeal to God Raz with special warmth.

Here is the most powerful prayer to him as the Father:

“Clear Light, fill my soul with warmth. Raz, light my ways, for I am an image of yours, your warmth on the Mother Earth. And may the magnificence be accomplished, and Your face will shine, and Heaven and Earth will be reunited by a rainbow-bridge. Joy will fill our souls with Your warmth, Raz. You are the first of the first, you are warming and filling people on the Earth. Verily”

Read it as many times as you wish. Feel the warmth of this prayer. Remember, only religions need serving. And ‘Ve-ra’ in Russian (the Faith) is ‘Vedanie Ra’ (knowledge of Ra), that is, the knowledge about the energy flows of luminaries, but not a blind following of the writings of books created by religions for you.

Why do you think counting in Russian begins with ‘Raz’ or ‘Odin’?

I wish you to remember the Father, the warmth and special meaning of words ‘Obraz Bozhiy’ in Russian (God’s image). ‘Ob-raz'(image) in Russian means ‘ O Boge Raze’ (about God Raz).

I understand that you have forgotten the truth, but don’t you lovingly call God the Father? Is Allah the Almighty for you?

Your soul still holds the truth, remember it.

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