The power of ‘Pravoslavnaya’ (orthodox) prayer

‘Pravoslavnaya’ (orthodox in English) prayer is a prayer of Ra way glorification. You can see it in the etymology of the Russian word itself.

What is this way of Ra? The Russian syllable ‘Ra’ means the energy flows of the main luminary, i.e. the Sun. And what is the way of Ra?

The matter is that the energy flows of Ra pass through all the planets and, having received energy from them in return, touch the Earth and enter the human head, so the brain becomes the mind.

That is, we glorify this way of Ra that makes us reasonable. As you can see, everything is natural, and the Russian language reveals the truth to us.

What is Pravoslavnaya prayer, the one that glorifies this way of Ra?

Here is an example of Pravoslavnaya prayer:

«I glorify the Sun Light, because it warms the Earth and shines bright.
I praise the Great Heaven which is the Power of Luminaries Light.
May your rays bring Light into my Life.
I glorify Heaven and the Great Luminaries as I’m alive. Verily!»

Read aloud these words wholeheartedly. Glorifying of the way of Ra is beneficial for each of us.

Here is such a wonderful real ‘Pravoslavnaya’ (orthodox) prayer and, of course, ‘Pravoslavnaya Vera (orthodox faith) because Pravoslavnaya Vera in Russian means exactly to glorify the way of Ra, to know about it.

Thus, we are all orthodox, because we live under the same Heaven, do not forget to praise it and do not replace the great ‘Pravoslavnaya Vera’ (Orthodox Faith) with different religions, because religions can’t be orthodox.

Because religions will never glorify the way of Ra, their task is different, the word «religion» comes from the Latin language and means «to bind». But ‘Vera’ (the Faith) in Russian means «to have knowledge about Ra», i.e. to learn how to receive it. We should know everything about Heaven, as it gives us light and this is the Truth!

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