The Praise to Spring

From the first full Moon of March until the feast of fertility (which is now called Paskha (Easter) from the Jewish «Pesach») , Spring was praised. The praise to Spring attracted all good things to people.
To praise Spring meant to sing songs of praise, to bake cakes, to decorate eggs. Cakes were baked in the shape of Ur (the male organ of fertility), now this shape of cake is called kulich (easter cake). Kulich was poured with white icing — a symbol of male sperm (fertility), eggs next to kulich, in addition to the male organ, also carry the symbolism of rebirth to Life.

Everything comes to Life, everything becomes Alive and it is Spring which creates this miracle. That is why we praise it. Ritual cakes, statuettes and eggs were signed with the abbreviation «HV», doesn’t it remind you of something? Yes, HV means «Hvala Vesne» (the Praise to Spring) and nothing more. This is how naturally caused things were changed to artificial prostheses, and now people perceive HV differently (abbreviation «HV» in Russian language is often associated with «Hristos Voscres» — «Christ is risen»)
To have a bright path was the main wish for each other.

The word «kres» in Russian language meant the Priestly Fire or the edge of something. This is where the word «vos-cres»(resurrected) came from, which meant «to manifested itself with the help of higher forces». Stepped over the edge and became new.
The Spring Sun, resurrected after Winter, was greeted particularly.
They sang the Praise to Spring:
“Beautiful Spring, please look into the windows, take everything bad out. Praise to Spring, Praise to Spring»
With such a song of praise, apartments and houses were cleaned of bad energy.
And there is also the Praise to Spring, which is read when you have baked kulich (easter cake) and decorated the eggs.
Remember that this is a fertility festival, not Pesach, that russian people began to call Paskha (Easter), celebrating the day of the Egyptian children’s murder (I shuddered, when writing this, how can the fertility festival be deformed like that).

Set the table and sing the Praise to Spring.
“Beautiful Spring was  wandering somewhere for the whole year, but now it’s back. It is back and looking into the window, making the roads open. Open and bless the paths. Praise to the Beautiful Spring, Praise, Praise. May all my things be done, may the children be rejoiced. May Beautiful Spring come into the yards and houses, may we all be joyful and rich. Praise to Spring, Praise to Spring.
This is the time when fertility rituals are performed, and one should not miss such a day.
Through the energies of Spring, I will attract everything you need into your Life.

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