The Sun

The Sun is responsible for your manifestation in Life. The Sun is represented by the Soul in you. The Soul emits Light, which is reflected by the body, making it glow.

Where does this Light come from in the Soul?

The Light of the Soul is your inner Sun. You completely replicate the whole universe in yourself. Having come to Earth in a material shell, you brought the Sun with you, which will begin to charge everything around. Yes, it is the energy of the Sun that charges, but the energy of the Moon gives growth. We will discuss it in future articles. Plants, for example, are charged by the Sun, but grow under the Moonlight.

The Sun is most active at dawn and at the zenith. This time is good for strengthening your inner Sun, or rather, even for awakening it, with the help of the energy of the Sun in Heaven.

Ask the Sun to awaken your Sun. Make 12 bows.

Important! The astrologers mistakenly believe that the Sun is responsible for the father aspect. Do you agree with it as well as with bows and asking for forgiveness from the father, even if he is a bad man? Personally I don’t. I am for justice and truth.

So, their mistake is that the Sun is not responsible for the father aspect, but for the Power of the Ancestors, namely, the forefather. What happens when you build relationships, bow or ask for forgiveness from a dad who offended you, or who is a criminal? You fully agree to take over your father’s negative programs that you could have avoided. Since that, they will completely ruin your Life.

You should worship only the Sun and your Forefather. Of course, it is also possible to worship your father, if he is like the Sun in your Life, lights your paths (guides you on the path of life. ).

When they say: «Light the way», «holly», «sacred», holly ( Water, etc.) they speak of one thing, the presence of the Sunlight, and hence the energy of the Sun.

I mean that, Water filled with the Sunlight becomes holly water. A priest is one who should know how to fill a person with the energy of the Sun. By analogy, a lamp is a device that gives light. In religions, of course, objects and people are not filled with Sunlight and priests are sacrificers of a religious cult, but they don’t conduct any Light.

Don’t let yourself be confused. The source of the Light and Life energy is the Sun. The Sun is also a symbol of the material manifestation of the Creator on Earth. So if you want to see the Creator, look at the Sun. Why do you need fictional religions as a control system? If you are ready to learn the truth, appeal to the Sun and you will be surprised how quickly you’ll get a response.

By the way, the day of the Sun is Sunday and the stone is Ruby.

Shine bright, my people!

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