The time of Light

Starting December 22nd the Time of Light comes, the Mother Darkness has given birth to the Light, her efforts are crowned with success. The day begins to lengthen as we enter the period of the Light.

Young Sun, New Time … there used to be various names for this period, which lasts up to the middle of June. During this period Joy is celebrated… Not in religious terms, of course, but in true ones. We can see the meaning of the Russian word ‘Radenie’ which means to give joy. Windows are decorated with colored ribbons. The lights of New Year trees are sparkling joyfully even at present, while not everyone knows the true meaning of these days, but definitely everyone feels the spirit. I’d like to suggest you to perform the ritual for acquiring joy.

To perform the ritual you will need to purchase a bell (not a religious one), the bell should be not small and with a hole on its top. Pull a bright ribbon through the hole, tie more multi-colored ribbons to it and ring through your apartment with the following words:

«Joy, the essence of Light, a creation of Light, called with Joy, sonorous with Joy. Ringing a bell, talking with Joy. Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!»

Repeat while the bell is ringing as many times as you want.

Thus, the birth of Light does not mean that the Darkness symbolizes the evil. After all, the Darkness symbolizes Mother. The Wheel of Time changes energy in nature, while people perceive it by means of images. Of course, those people who are capable of image perceiving.

We can notice the features of particular energy as well. By invoking joy we fill the house with happiness and harmony. Remember, if your house is full of religious symbols, religious ceremonies were carried out, it makes no sense to perform the ritual for joy invoking.

In further articles I’ll reveal the truth about consecration of the apartment. Meanwhile let’s be happy about the born Light, because every day brings energy in nature.

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