The truth about coronavirus is revealed

Today I will reveal to you such a painful topic for everyone, and I will answer questions:

  1. How not to get infected with coronavirus?
  2. From where and why did coronavirus come?
  3. Can coronavirus be considered as the Second World War based on the comparisons that the virus has received in Germany?

Now in order.

I will start by understanding what a virus is. It is a living organism that has a life support system that is able to calculate how best to survive.

Why does the virus attack a person?

The purpose of the attack is written in the system as obtaining information about a person for the purpose of subsequent qualitative mutations.

Why does the virus need to mutate? To survive in the environment.

Why are viruses written in the system called Life? Viruses help to destroy the weak and leaves their own lives, growing qualitatively with every subsequent attack.

The system programs quality, quantity and power of the virus depending on the vibrations coming from people. For example, viruses are activated when the number of weak people increases. Besides, the call of “heavenly punishment” influences directly the number of virus. This is a type of religious energy when many religious people appeal to their religious god (forgetting that he let disasters happen). Why does religion need disasters? Religion thrives on the energy of diseases, that’s how the religious egregor is built.

Next, if you already understand everything, let’s discuss the questions.

From where and why did coronavirus come?

It came from China as you all already know; it awoke there and began its journey. Why China? Didn’t you write to me everywhere saying that the Chinese bastards are occupying the Earth … calling for them to be punished? The virus came in order to change the system of government and the social system in all countries. After all, 2020 under the supervision of Jupiter and Saturn will change everything and everywhere, I warned you at the end of 2019.

How not to get infected with coronavirus?

  1. Prohibit worship services in churches unequivocally. There is no sanitation. And with any virus this is a crime against people’s lives. An appeal to the Lord that allows and sends the pestilence, as a punishment or a lesson, is very blasphemous at this Time. Since prohibition, alas, is not our business, it is necessary to protect yourself from communicating with the slaves of a particular religion.
  2. Any virus does not like essential oils, needles and fumigation of the room.
  3. Healthy sleep and walking to strengthen the immune system.

Can coronavirus pandemic be compared to the Second World War?

Definitely not. This virus will obscure all actions that people don’t need to know and in 2020 will change the entire social system in all countries.

Let’s not panic! Everything will pass and there will be Light, if, of course, we are ready to believe. After all, Faith does not call for sacrificial killings and the worship of gods that send pestilence.

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  • smile
    12.04.2020 at 12:17

    Very informative article, especially now. Fumigation of the apartment is carried out constantly. Every day we light some kind of coniferous scented candle. Due to the quarantine in the region, there are no problems with sleep, as we have to stay at home. But there is a problem with walking — obligatory self-isolation, which is controlled by local authorities. Thank you for your article!