The World-building

There is a word ‘Mirozdanie’ in the Russian language that has an amazing essence ‘Zdanie Mira’. It means the building of the World! Who built it? You, people, are creating it every second. But someone builds solid walls and ceilings, and someone curved and oblique ones. At the end of this work, the Universe will ask you, how and what you have built, and in response… someone makes excuses that instead of building he prayed, someone says he killed living creatures for the sake of the Creator, someone says that he knew nothing about the World, and therefore did not build anything. All of them did not learn to build, which means that they didn’t create anything in life and left nothing to their descendants. They have not laid a single brick in the World-building .

Dears, not a single religion or teaching will teach you how to build the World, because either they do not know how to do it, or they are destroyers in general.

For example, everyone knows the picture: an evil sorceress cuts a black rooster, and most people think that this is black magic and this is bad. To whom does she sacrifice? To the god who revels in the energy of pain and fear, to the one who is against Life. And now let’s remember the Muslims that are actively slaughtering rams…

To whom do they make the offering? God! Which one? The answer is obvious. They are united with the sorceress by the fact that both the ram and the rooster symbolize the Light and the Sun, and of course, the sacrificial offering to god that needs sacrifices. If the sorceress knows that she is working with special evil Forces, and this is her conscious choice, and she does it alone, not en masse, whereas religious followers are in the illusion of deception. But in both cases they will be held accountable for their actions.

When a sorcerer takes parts of a dead human body and performs a magic ritual, it is clear that this is necromancy. When a priest does it, everyone forgets about it.

Human sacrifice was a normal practice for all religions and subsequent cults. While some people enjoy laying hands on dead and already decayed body remains, the others kill animals. But, I assure you, human sacrifices are not over, they simply don’t tell about it openly. Where and how the sacrifices are performed… no man is a thief in fact if not caught in the act.

I don’t like to be baseless. My task is to draw your attention to yourself. What have you created? What have you lived for, and to whom have you prayed?

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  • starcom
    10.01.2022 at 08:29

    Long time religions were destroying people, making them unconsciousness and people were destroying the World- Building. Now it is Time for big changes and we have to move in a right direction for the better future, building our World Home.