Three Spas of August

We have entered the last month of summer. Opening the doors to honey-apple aromas, we are filled with special inspiration.

I want to tell you about the three days of August, which are the festivals of the Earth.

In August, the Earth celebrates three Fertility Festivals. Fertility is the energy that makes our actions effective. It means, you can do something, but have no results. So, fertility is about the result of your actions.

Three Spas: Honey Spas (or Honey Feast of the Savior), Apple Spas, Nut Spas are not religious festivals, they are festivals of our Earth.

What does the Earth give to us?

Our body, health, housing, family, childbirth, food, protection. As you can see, I wrote very briefly.

So let’s meet the Fertility Days of Mother Earth — Three Spas!

Each Spas shows what should be on the table. Honey, apples and nuts. Talk to the Earth, treat her warmly, and plant perennial flowers.

In my turn, I will perform rituals for fertility and protection, three Spas — three rituals.

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