To be in good and healthy Spirit.

Let’s talk about the Spirit and its presence in the body.

The topic is very serious and complex. After all, a person often does not even think that he possesses some kind of Spirit. What Spirit?

The Spirit can be of different types, a man can even possess a non-human one. I’m not kidding. You definitely heard about Spirit of God. When you enter a religion, your spirit is replaced by the spirit of some god. What god? It all depends on the type of religion.

Please, note! This is not about the Creator, but about a religious being, the very one that identifies itself as a god, but revealed itself through messages to people, telling them who to kill, who to rape and who not to. Didn’t you know that? Then read carefully the Quran and the Bible, it is all described there in detail. Everything is clear with a person in religion, he does not possess his Spirit anymore, but has a serious settler that deprives him of will and energy of Life. So, how are things with those who quit a religion with the help of a special magic rite of Krashenie, those who returned to the Faith. The matter is that most people being in religion thought that their religion is the true Faith. Unfortunately, they were fooled like this.

Thus, those who quit religion now have regained their Spirit. Spirit is an energy substance that connects the human Soul with the ancestors spirits (the Kin), which is the source of power and of guidance on how to proceed in life. This, of course, is very relative, since it is impossible to describe everything in words.

So, what is a strong and healthy Spirit?

When your Spirit is filled with positive vibrations, it seems to glow, and also passes this positive vibration to the entire body, which in its turn attracts good events in your life and gives health. To have a strong and healthy Spirit means to work on your mental state and state of mind. It also means to get rid of the religious slavery seal and to have a strong link with Earth, Heaven and your ancestors spirits. The most important thing that contributes to this is to understand yourself.

When a person has a strong and healthy Spirit, he shares warmth, and you want to communicate with him.

I wish you to be in good and healthy Spirit!

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