To carry one’s cross

Nowadays a cross is a symbol of suffering, thus the meaning of the idiom «to carry one’s cross» originated from this symbolism is clear to everyone.

Initially the cross was not only the symbol of the four corners of the World but also a representation of a human (with a circle on the top which stands for a head). Furthermore, the cross used to symbolize the Light of the Sun spreading to all points of a compass. That’s why the Sun was depicted in the middle. Crossed needles or Mountain Ash twigs represent a protecting shield. But with the arrival of religions, the Cross became the symbol of suffering.

Today many people «carry their own crosses” unconsciously or by choice. Now the cross is the seal of misery. Of course, the cross does not belong to a human but religions managed to put this mark on humankind and consequently it’s a human who carries it.

Let’s remember the life-giving cross, that has nothing to do with the one carried by people. Such cross symbolizes the key of Life and a person himself. Would you like to know more about the miracles such cross is capable of?

Share you ideas on the difference between the true life-giving cross and a religious life-giving cross.

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