To cross oneself

The topic of today’s article is very complicated, so I ask you to read it many times, and if you have any questions, please, ask them in the comments under the text.

Everyone knows that in religion to impose the sign of the cross by your hand, is called ”to cross oneself”, or “to overshadow oneself with the cross”. Let’s find out the meaning of these statements.

‘To cross yourself’ in Russian [‘Osenit’] is «to overshadow oneself with the cross». ‘Osenit’ means to cast a shadow on. Here is an example for you to understand the meaning of the expression:

«As if eternity has already overshadowed him with its dark wing»

Excerpt from the poem of Dostoevsky «Idiot».

As you can see, the meaning of this word is quite clear, but in fact now we hear it rarely. It’s a pity because it sounds very good. Thus, to overshadow oneself with the cross means to cast the shadow of the cross on oneself.

Why do people act like this now? In order a person gets the shadow of the cross of suffering (after all, the cross in religion is an instrument of torture) and does not see the Light, i.e. doesn’t have joy and happiness.

Let’s continue. The sign of the cross. Everything is clear with the «cross», then the word «sign» means a sign or a symbol – and everything is adding up. The sign of the cross is the application of the sign of the cross on a person so that he can’t break free from the instrument of torture and continue to suffer.

What sufferings may a person have in life?

  1. Poverty
  2. Diseases
  3. Terrible deaths
  4. Heavy troubles with loved ones
  5. Quarrels in the family

This is just a small list of the evil that religion gives us.

But originally the rite of crossing oneself was different, and we should remember the initial meaning of the rite which was hidden by religion.

The hands are raised up to Heaven, and, being filled with the flows of Ra, all the fingers of the right hand are connected on the thumb, the thumb is responsible for the head and for the MIND as well, the other fingers are responsible for the limbs (arms and legs). You can find the information about it in Su Jok system.

So, what is the result of this action? First, the light flows fill up the head and limbs through the fingers, and then… Then the hand touches the forehead, chest and then the navel, thus the flows of energy are distributed throughout the body. Write it down for you to remember, because religion has changed this rite completely and replaced it with a terrible action of putting on a person the cross of suffering.

That’s how people were deprived of life in a terrible way and how the crime was committed against humanity. Now you know the truth. Learn more about Krashenie and run away from the evil of religion taking children out of its shackles as well.

I wish you Joy and be blessed!

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