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If you ask an adherent of any religion “Which religion is true?”, each of them will tell you that it is his religion that is true. In search of their religion people often switch from one religion to another, realizing that the previous one does not meet their needs and begin to look for new truth of existence.

How to understand that the teaching of religion is true?

In general, is it possible to learn the Truth? And what is the essence of religion?

The truth is a teaching about something based not on mythology, but on clear reasoned evidence. It is possible to learn the Truth because the Truth can be easily proved.

Religion is a system meant to control the masses. This system is based on belief in some kind of god.

The system of control can never be true, since it was created not for development and knowledge, but for enslavement.

Let’s move on to the evidence.

If you are told that the truth of your existence is to die for a god, for a country or for some idea, it is not the Truth, but a lie to control you.

How to deprive a person of fear for his life, to give him the illusion of salvation? It’s easy manipulating by means of the information regarding the need for a martyr’s death for the god’s sake. It sounds the following way: we all will die inevitably, so it is better to die for the god.

Yes, there is irrefutable Truth in this sentence: “we all will die inevitably”. A person understands that some day he will definitely die, which means that the words are true. Human mortal nature can be easily proven. The concept “it is better to die for the god” is easily attached to the evident one.

So the program has been set up, and people easily lose their lives. They can already be controlled.

The Creator cannot desire death or suffering for his children. After all, you don’t want to torture your children. But religions need the energy of suffering and what do they do?

  1. They raise sufferers to the rank of saints.
  2. They say that suffering is the permissiveness or punishment of the god, and therefore must be tolerated without a murmur.
  3. They sacrifice animals slaughtering them in the name of god.

In addition to suffering religions need an algorithm for managing sheep, and they clearly know that obedience can be achieved by using Christ’s torment as an example.

During a pandemic, priests encourage people to go to church, they urge not to follow the laws of the state. And here the illusion of heroism appears: I go there and I am not afraid, because I believe in god. And if I get sick, I will accept the illness eagerly, because Jesus suffered and I will suffer as well.

Heroism is no longer about saving someone lives, but in killing oneself and others. This is how priorities can be easily replaced.

I hope you have now seen and realized the answer to the question “Which religion is true?” None. There’s no Truth in religion.

The Truth is one! You have come to Live! This can be easily proven. Why should people be born? Birth is Life. Birth corresponds to Spring. Nature is wise. All the cycles of nature are presented in human life.

Spring is Life.

If someone calls upon you to torment, die, suffer and replace the Truth of Life with existence in misery, he is lying. As you can see, this is easy to prove.

What Living is?

Take a look at everything that lives around. Life is about creating, giving birth and not looking for the way of suffering.

Therefore, now, when the religion of Christianity opposed life, telling its slaves to show heroism and go against the laws of the state, suffer for Christ and bring suffering to others, we must stop this chaos for the sake of Life.

The Faith is Life. Religion is suffering. Return to the Faith and start Living before it gets too late. After all, the deeds of religions are no longer hidden. You are able to understand where the truth is and where the lie is.

There are no true religions, only the Faith is true!

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  • lagerthaeng
    16.05.2021 at 18:20

    It is so important work that you, guys, do here — spreading out the truth about true nature of religions! I wish all people could know it… But not everybody is ready for that bitter truth

  • starcom
    22.05.2021 at 08:08

    People don’t even realize how ridiculous everything made by religion is. Religions use fear as one of the most powerful instruments to control people and it works. Fear captures them.
    People, stand up from your knees, remember your Kin and get back to Faith!