Way to God

Everyone has its own way to God, because everyone has his own God, alas. Now I mean a religious God and I often hear from people: « I want to find God». So they follow such way to God but come not to the God at all, but in to religion.

But why a soul is looking for a God? Searching the way to God?

  1. You are alone and greatly need love. God, in their understanding, will warm and love.
  2. A loved one has died — I want to find God, he will certainly console me.
  3. Troubles come one after another — again there is someone to ask for help. God will help you.
  4. Poverty has suppressed you — again go to Go
  5. There is no meaning in life and it’s scary to admit it: there is no sense really, then why do I live. Again sticking to a God, a person says that he lives serving him.

Which of these points is yours? Why were you looking for a God but got into religion?

Mono religion Judaism gave rise to a number of affiliated religions such as Christianity, Islam, Catholicism. They, in its turn, gave birth to more branches. In each such branch a person believes that he has found the true God and serves him. It is necessary to remember the important thing:

  1. There’s never a God in religion. There are other beings in it and this is a topic for more detailed investigation, I will write about it in the next articles for sure.
  2. Religion where many people are looking for a God is not a panacea for a way out of a certain situation. To get out of pain, you need not priests, not icons, but good specialists.
  3. If you want to know the meaning of life and become a real person, but not a servant, study the universe.
  4. A God doesn’t need serving, but religion needs serving for maintaining the flock.

This is minimum which you should understand. It is important not to keep silence, not to stay alone with the pain and misunderstanding. Being in religion for many years, a person ceased to be a person and turned into a slave. Slave consciousness is no longer able to think. If you are in difficulties, write me. Nobody notices you — ask me any question. Stop torture yourself, it is enough to suffer!

Is your soul looking for a God? Don’t you know where to find a God? I will give you my hand and show you the God! let’s make this step. It is very difficult to be disappointed, but even realizing that religion is only a deception, people again go to the slaughter.

Write me, I will answer your questions. All questions have the answers. There is only one way to God and it is never a religion!

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2 комментария

  • maura
    03.02.2020 at 16:02

    You are absolutely right, Alena! People in need and in pain see the only way out — to ask for help in religion, but they do not get help there, only relieving of pain for a short time. Thank you for guiding people to the true God!

  • smile
    16.02.2020 at 11:16

    It is easier for people to search for God, than start thinking and become responsible. One friend said that she had almost felt into a deep depression when reading the Old Testament. But this is the only person who herself decided to figure it out. Other people, as a rule, do not delve, but just do «like everyone else». Thank you for your sincere article!