We are guests on the Earth

Recently I’ve seen a religious parable where the elder said that he didn’t have even furniture, because he is only a guest on the Earth. A great number of people rejoicing at the parable has puzzled me. Why? Is it realy so easy to take people away from the Truth: people are the inhabitants of the Earth!

I want to ask you two questions:

  1. What guests have been living in your house for 80 years? (it is the avarage living age of a human on the Earth)
  2. Do you really think that earthly goods are not necessary?

These are only two main questions, while you are thinking about it, I’ll tell you.

All people come on the Earth as its inhabitants. The Earth gives us the ways, home and food. We are not guests, but full residents. Even a birs is improving its nest. Is a human below the bird in mind?
Remember the Truth!
A man comes on Earth to learn to create, to make his dreams come true. From the intended intangible, he learns to materialize, create.

Doing nothing and denying of earth goods leads to depletion of the whole Family. And the feeling of being a guest on the Earth will deprive you of everytning. The parable, which is strongly recommended by religion, teaches you indifference, estrangement from the worldly, for the sake of a certain kingdom of God. What a god could send his slaves to Earth as guests to see if they would survive?

My dear, you’ve come here to develop, to grow your soul through actions, that’s why we say «great-soul person» —a person who has a great, developed soul. The elder, whose parable everyone read, did not develop his soul, he suffered, devoting this suffering to a religious egregore. His family was impoverished, and he did nothing for the Earth. He suffered somewhere aside and went into other world (died). He considered that his detachment from the world could bring him into the God’s kingdom. It would not be so sad if it were a single story and the word «saint» was sticked to those, who just suffered but had no inside light.

Read the article «How to become a saint»

May you have many earthly goods, may your Family be filled with Power!

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2 комментария

  • maura
    16.01.2020 at 16:02

    Alena, thank you so much for clearing up the fundamental concepts and essence of life! You do a great job!

  • smile
    16.02.2020 at 15:02

    Someone who is not capable of anything composes these parables to justify their life failure. To get the earth good, you need to act, but people are lazy. So they find consolation in such parables. It’s also easier. And the most interesting thing is that those who read this and take it for true knowledge, in fact, do not know who wrote it, who this old man is — maybe the author is schizophrenic, etc. The article is interesting. Let there be more intelligent people.