We will all die

This article, as its name says, reveals to you the truth that you already knew. But the aim of the article is not to declare the inevitability of the Death but to start revealing to you the essence of the Death.

We will all die but in different Time and of different circumstances. The Death takes our body giving our Soul an opportunity, after a short break, to reincarnate. The life cycle of a living being is from the simple to the complex.

Let us consider this cycle in terms of a butterfly.

A caterpillar eats and lives, stuffing itself with everything that suits it according to its program.

Then, at a certain point, it suddenly starts creating and creates a chrysalis. In this chrysalis its Death comes, it metamorphoses (some people think that wings of a butterfly grow on a caterpillar’s body, but that’s not true). If you break a chrysalis you won’t see a caterpillar but liquid. Then, from chaos a butterfly emerges. A butterfly flies out and lays a lot of eggs, it becomes Mother of caterpillars passing its experience on to them.

Organization of insects is simpler than of a human being but it demonstrates the stages clearly.

Now people are at the stage of caterpillars, they just eat. By the time of the Death they won’t form the chrysalis themselves, they don’t know anything about reincarnation and formation of transition environment to the other reality. And thus, their Soul will be in aggressive insecure environment.

How has it happened?

Before answering this question I want to ask you How do you live? How do you prepare for the Death?

You don’t live but exist.  And you don’t search for knowledge about transition. You will be taken by a religion, and good riddance. But you do not try to understand where you will be taken to. At the site of many crashes and big tragedies, where people died, a cross or a church is raised up. For what? For the reason that it’s the indicator that a sacrifice to the god is offered and he accepted it. Unwittingly, not knowing, you bring your loved ones and then yourself as a sacrifice to the religion. Souls buried according to the religious tradition won’t take part in transition, they will hang in the snare for slaves of the religion they’ve chosen.

You’ve noticed that even non-religious people use some religious symbols or rituals at funerals. There’s no alternative, everyone does it.
Funeral conducted in the wrong way passes a soul on into slavery forever.

That’s why, I ask everyone of you to study the subject of the Death very thoroughly.

You are born to live. You go through a lot of Life lessons and cycles and gain huge experience not to enter the kingdom of a religious god as a slave, but to move to next hypostasis, where you’ll be able to share your experience with others, not being a human already.

Or do you think that there’s no way further than a human body?

Chelo-Vek* means a body given to one century, but we keep coming into it again and again to serve religions, because our souls are in the slaughter.

We’ll study the matters of the Life and the Death. But now I want to answer the question if it’s worth going to the graveyard at Easter.

Read the relevant article about Easter.

As now it is the time of the Life, so we go to the graveyard only to clean graves and plant some flowers, nothing more. This year in Moscow it’s forbidden to go to the graveyards because of the coronavirus.

For this reason you’ll clean them in summer and look as well if there are any religious symbols on the graves such as crosses, images? If there are some, then there is a mark of slavery on your relative.

Write your questions about the Death, I’ll answer you!

In Russian a human being is “человек” (CHE-LO-`VEK). “Chelo” is archaic word for forehead, “vek” means century.

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