Зачем я живу

What am I living for?

Every human being is a victim of his own world perception. But the most terrible about this is the fact that this perception is not the experience gained by himself, but the collection of opinions, believes of his family and society. Generally the worldview of a family is formed by society. Existing in a flow of someone else’s thoughts a human being doesn’t develop, doesn’t live happily and when the soul finally understands that it gains nothing and just keeps on performing insane ‘squirrel in a circle’ dance truly terrible things begin. Alcohol, drugs addiction, sects, religions. All this is mere attempt to find one’s own true essence by means of someone or something else, through hope, promises, drugs. But all this is about looking for One God, a human being is searching to prove himself that the God does exist and the life does have sense.

Why people quit reality

To make the vision of the world easer religions have described the God and world’s structure with their own terms, so choosing a religion a human being chooses the God. The weak ones leave the manifested world and daily routine for alcohol, drugs addiction and religions forever and totally. The world will be turned for them the very thing their illusions paint, they have quitted the reality. If a person has a family or friends they will try to save him in case of drugs, alcohol addiction, in case of religions everything will go smoothly. In both case the soul is lost, but nobody knows about it and those who do know keep silence.

What makes a person so weak-willed or takes the will away completely?

What causes the ‘what do I live for’ condition, why a person cannot percept God and looks for him somewhere. Because the people were deprived of the most important thing in their life… They were deprived if the Faith. To make it clear I’d like to point out that the Faith has nothing to do with religions existing on Earth. The Faith is comprehension of Ra Light that brings physical and mental health to a human being. And a person sees clearly what he or she lives for and how important the life is.

Can you answer the question: what is the point of your life?

The idea of posthumous benefits is a lie! The purpose if life is revealed here, under material conditions, it’s about what you can get immediately in stead of believing in some abstract things promised you by a religion which you cannot check. The history is recreated numerous times, there is no truth about events happened 100 years ago, what can be assumed about more ancient times. That’s why Scriptures might be interesting for historians, occultists as a source of myths but we are talking about the present. What will happen to you after your death is the information you cannot check. But I am asking now, asking particularly about you life. What are you living for? To work, sleep and have meals? Or to become the follower of some religion and spend you life according to its rules?

Lets set our minds free and finally get that there is one Faith and this Faith is one for all. We all live on one Earth under one sky and separating us with various religions is a terrible experiment causing religious animosity, intolerance  and hatred.

Faith Conductor, Alyona Polun

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7 комментариев

  • maryam4797
    08.08.2019 at 20:43

    I agree with this, there is no point in living under the rules of a religion that promises a reward in the afterlife if you cannot prove it. How does one check and see what the afterlife will look like? There is no guaranteed way, therefore it does not make sense to dedicate your life a religion that makes such promises. Why not to live happily in this present life?

  • elisabeth_rose_balashova
    21.08.2019 at 22:19

    So sad. But true.

    • giedre_ru
      06.03.2021 at 14:30

      So happy to find this lady Aliona, my life changes 360° in good way! I stopped drinking us i was thinking that to have party with alcohol is normal us everybody is doing! When i have issues now i know how to deal it, i am not running away! Aliona, thank you so much there is no words to describe about everything how you doing great job for everyone in this beutifull World ??️

  • inna_frauscher
    01.09.2019 at 16:07

    I was always speculating about my life goal. It was the questions like : What am I living for? What am I going for? Why am I doing this or that? Now I see that my purpose is to grow my soul, to make it energetically heavier and more valuable, to support my kids in the same direction, to teach them to differentiate the information around. What does a monotheistic religion do ? It is another question, the diversity is not accepted at all, one has to be like the other sheep in the flock, otherwise it is getting dangerous and the system is losing its marionettes.

  • maura
    07.01.2020 at 17:33

    It is a great problem in modern society that people do not know what they live for, what purposes they should strive for. Thank you for this article!

  • smile
    16.02.2020 at 16:32

    Once there was a period when I was disappointed in life. I had a state of emptiness; I really did not see the sense of life: «We all exactly will die one day», I thought, «so why all that I have, why give birth to children, if the end is one». I have never loved alcohol. I decided to go to Church, even though I was not baptized. Everyone goes there when they feel bad and I went with a friend. Well, what I can say, the illogical behavior and insincerity of religious people drew my attention immediately. In short, they did not accept me there, all the Time something interfered and repelled. You won’t be very nice, as they say, so after a while I stopped going to Church. And the interest in life was returned by communication with nature and by my favorite work. Now I understand that Forces saved me and I met you, Alena. Thank you for everything you do!

  • starcom
    09.02.2021 at 08:03

    I absolutely agree with this! Why should people suffer, follow foolish rules, live in fear?! That’s what all religions do! Why do people worry about life after death, but they don’t worry about current Life??? Because religions made people mindless and weak, they took the human’s Will.