What are sins? How to rid your life of them?

What are sins? Moreover, what are mortal sins or deadly sins of a person? Sin is a failure to comply with the precepts of religion, which is a purely religious concept. So a non-religious person cannot commit a sin, he is only capable of making a mistake or even committing a crime, but it will not be a sin. How did a sin penetrate our Earth?

The first sin described in religious literature is the original sin. The original sin is the ancestral sin: according to a legend, Adam and Eve fell into sin when they disobeyed a certain god. God as a true parent did not want his children to know anything, but wanted to see them stupid. They began to learn about life against his will. The symbol of knowledge is an apple (remember the well-known brand of phones).

Here you involuntarily ask yourself why a person is sinful for the will to know. Here I want immediately to note another thing: since in the religious literature Adam and Eve are considered to be our forefathers, then their sin falls on us.

Are you scared? There is no reason for it.

When Adam and Eve were taken down from the incubator (paradise), a bubble created between Heaven and Earth (read carefully the Torah or the Bible), there were already people on Earth (you can also read it in the corresponding religious literature). Therefore Adam and Eve may not be your forefathers, or maybe they did not even exist. Religion, as before, forbids thinking and directs your thoughts to obedience, and that’s all.

Sin and the punishment for it are relevant only for a religious person since everyone is judged by the religion in which they imprisoned themselves.

There are seven deadly sins of a person (or herd – as people are called in religion, you need to know it):

  1. Pride.
  2. Greed.
  3. Envy.
  4. Wrath.
  5. Gluttony.
  6. Lust.
  7. Sloth.

Let us now analyze what these 7 sins are, and why a person is sinful if any of these points are present in his life:

  1. Pride. Pride boosts a personal ego, moves a person to a higher position, to new achievements. It can be very useful but sometimes stupid. For example, a person can get a big head but there is nothing to be proud of. What is dangerous from the point of view of religion? A sheep will become a lion and will no longer want to be humiliated.
  2. Greed is the desire for benefits, it is often irrepressible. What’s wrong with that? If a person receives benefits, won’t he grow spiritually? Stop! To receive benefits one must think, but the poor do not need to think. What is wrong with greed is the fact that a thinking person will abandon the religion.
  3. Envy. It is customary to divide envy into malicious envy and benign envy. Malicious envy is when a person forgets about everything out of envy and lives only by thoughts of whom he envies and thinks how to harm him. Benign envy is the engine. There are no unnecessary emotions. On the basis of envy a person acts, he thinks “I want to do the same, so I act”. So how did envy get in the way of religion? The thing is that the wealth of the priests will arouse the envy of the parishioners, and this is bad. Envy as an incentive to action is also not good, because the more stupid people are, the easier it is to control them.
  4. Wrath. Everything seems to be clear – it is bad to be angry. Why is it bad? Here it is worth quoting a saying – if someone slaps you on the cheek, turn the other to him too. The position of a sacrifice is more preferable by the church for controlling people. But anger is a normal reaction on negativity towards you.
  5. Lust. Animal instinct, which, by the way, allows not only to give birth to children, but is also very useful for health. We will talk about hormones separately, not in this article.
  6. Sloth. The sloth can cause a depression, but also can inspire for creation of poems and paintings. A person cannot always be joyful. Why is religion against sloth? Because religion takes everything from a person, and in return gives suffering and diseases, so that a person visits the church and continues to believe in a good god. Therefore he should not fall into despondency
  7. Gluttony. Well, in this regard, my dears, you are all downright sinning, because eating for pleasure, delicious food is always gluttony. Why is religion against it? Because you have to be more modest. Delicious food is for priests, and you can live without it.

What is so mortal about these sins? Nothing! The more terrifying you name them, the more people will be scared. There is hell, and in hell they will torture you, do not have doubts about it. But being in religion you will go to hell because at least one of the 7 points listed above was violated by you. Didn’t you violate any of them? You didn’t live then.

Why is a person sinful?

Because he is prone to sin due to the fall of Adam and Eve, this is the version of religion. Believe it or check it out.

Well, now let’s talk about the rite of absolution. A certain priest has the right to absolve you of your sins.

  1. On what basis does a priest have the right to give absolution? He is a sinner himself.
  2. Where do your sins go after the priest absolution? According to the law of nature, all negative programs should be diverted somewhere, but where does the priest divert your sins?

Now let’s talk about the conditions of the rite of absolution.

For example, in Germany God was considered as the injured party, “he suffered from the sins of people,” and therefore it was possible to pay the priest (the clergy has different meaning) money, then the sin was absolved. For example, the participants of the Crusade were also absolved, and if people did not come to some services, then they were promised absolution for their visit. Do you think something has changed in the system of absolution? No.

Every religion has its rules.

By giving yourself and your children to the slaughter of religion, you are obliged to follow them. And failure to comply with the rules is punishable. If you once came to religion, maybe even unconsciously, and now you don’t attend a church or a mosque, then this did not relieve you of responsibility. When entering a religion, a seal is put on the soul, which shows who now owns the sheep (it is no longer a person).

It is impossible to remove the seal by yourself. So read the 7 deadly sins again, and, having suffered on Earth, be ready to suffer in hell. And I want to say to those who understand at least something: religion is a system of management, religion has nothing to do with the Faith.

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