What did you come to Earth for?

The question about the purpose of your Life is highly important. And each of you should put it to yourself.

Imagine a situation when a person needs to sell a worthless thing and he praises it, saying that it will work later. Will you buy it? Well, for example, you are offered a vacuum cleaner that will start working in 100 years. It is unlikely that such technique is relevant for you. Therefore, the purpose of Life is not in Death, and not in what will happen after it. This suggestion is an advertising campaign of religious corporations. When you have no Life, you should wait for the afterlife, where everything will be fine. No, the purpose of your life is not waiting for Death. We will leave such confusing assumptions to those who do not want to know the Truth.

So what are you on Earth for?

What is the meaning of Life?

The purpose of material incarnation on Earth is to learn to create matter on your own. If you want something, create it. When you get the experience of creation, you get the experience of God. I mean God not in a religious sense, of course. This is how the experience of the Creator is formed, and this is the Divine level. Day after day you prepare your Soul for the next step, which is the Divine level of existence.

A human being comes to Earth to learn to create and make his Soul grow. The meaning of Life is to become God. More precisely, to learn how to be Him. Are sins, torment and torture for the sake of religion your choice? Do you want to suffer and fail to make your Soul grow? Then it is your decision. In this case, you have no purpose of Life. Because the afterlife, depicted by religious myths, is the only thing that matters to you.

By opening yourself and your capabilities, you create the World. It is important and necessary both for you and other people. Who does the Earth need: the creator of cars, telephones, cameras and even the Internet, or the one who prays alone in a cell or in the mountains, or maybe the one who just prays to some god in an apartment? Of course, the Earth protects and guides the one who creates the World. The World cannot be motionless or regress, the Wheel of Time moves and everything changes. New inventions and new people appear.

Can you remember pagers that we used to have, then push-button telephones appeared and now we have all modern smartphones. And the progress is ahead. You shouldn’t be afraid of it. We must progress and create. Old myths are the story about how you can’t live. You cannot kill children, hide women in black cloth, make love with your father and call for the murder of people of a different religion.

If you do not agree to move forward and do not understand the Wheel of Time, and the meaning of Life is not important to you, if you still do not move or are generally degrading, this is your choice as well. I will not deny it. Those who are born to crawl, as you know, cannot fly. But a caterpillar goes through the path of development and becomes a butterfly. Who knows, maybe a caterpillar will not be eaten, and it will fly.

So, if you don’t want to make your Soul grow, you don’t need to use what others have created. I can see on the Internet lots of people calling for degradation and denying the progress, rejecting the Truth and affirming the postulates of religions. All of them use modern equipment for making videos, though. They seem to be confused about how things work.

So we should Live and Create. We are to make our Soul grow. After all, this is the purpose of Life!

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  • maura
    20.02.2022 at 01:38

    Dear Alena, you are the first in the World telling this! Every thinking person is searching for the answers on the questions revealed in the article! I was not satisfied with the religious interpretation of serving to the god and suffering as the purpose of life. Many thanks for sharing this information with us!