What is the meaning of life?

Everyone is looking for the meaning of life, those who do not live according to the principles-“eat- sleep” only, but really think about the reason we have come to Earth. In this search, a person goes through hundreds of teachings and religions, but this path of searching for the meaning of life comes to a dead end over again. After all, all teachings and religions have different views on the matter of what is the meaning of human life.

What to do?

What is the path of searching for the meaning of life? Where to turn and where to go straight? Let’s reject the version that a person comes to Earth to earn prizes, like getting off the wheel of samsara after death or like the kingdom of god. Why? Because there is no need to complicate the version called “human.” All the truth, and with it, the true meaning of life, lies on the surface.

If someone gives you a glass of water and asks to drink so that water can’t get into your mouth, you will think that he is an idiot.

So why did you, people, make an idiot of the creator? Because it turns out that you’ve come to Earth in a human shell (material body) to get rid of material things. Someone tortures the body, someone considers suffering as a gift from God, someone talks about the obligatory renunciation of material world.

So let’s stop now and take a breath.

Ready? So if you’ve come into material world in a material shell, it means that you must learn to materialize dreams. How could this be done? In the beginning, create something in your thoughts and then materialize. The more you materialize interesting things on Earth, the more you become… God… Oh! How is it God? You are a weak and lousy slave, little man, almost a bug-cockroach… But no, you are not! «A human» is not the last stage of development. You have reached the stage of “human” and the next stage is “God.”

Don’t you believe me? Do you need proof? Then how did you believe in religions? Did you check what was written there? Religions have taken root everywhere, and no one questions it now. Of course, Why? I will give you the proof. In mother’s womb, in the darkness, a human embryo goes through different stages of development from a point (a seed) to a tadpole, and then becomes a person. The same is with your soul. From a point, a core to an animal, and then turns into a person.

Uterus development of a fetus shows the way of human transformation here.

You had out -of-body experience on Earth, you were an animal, now you have become a human being, and the true meaning of life is to see that there is something else beyond the state of “human» and, having cast off the shell called “human», to become a superior being.

The teaching about the wheel of samsara is close to it, but does not go deeper. A series of reincarnations is a mechanism of development. But incarnation only in a human body is a degradation mechanism. Why don’t people know the truth? Why doesn’t a single teaching reveal the truth of what is the meaning of human life? Because the truth is on the surface, and our soul knows everything, but the memory is blocked by religions. All religions have been created to rule over and control people.

Would you like to know more, and take the right path to find meaning in life? On web site “Vera” (Faith) I’m Alena Polyn, will tell you the whole truth, and your soul will remember everything.

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  • maura
    05.02.2021 at 17:22

    You’ve opened a very important information about the meaning of life! Thank you so much! Sometimes people spend almost the whole life looking for the answer. Yes, so many teachings pretending to be a true one, says about concentration on meditation experience only!

  • lagerthaeng
    18.02.2021 at 02:31

    Thank you for this acticle, I hope that many people will get chance to read it and to get the knowledges given by Alena Polyn and change their lives to better!

  • starcom
    18.02.2021 at 09:26

    It’s amazing, the truth is on the surface, but we didn’t see it. Religions made us blind and mindless. Thank You for revealing the truth to us. I hope, people will start finally to realize what is going on and the essence of Living here, in the material world.