What the Constitution says about religion

The Constitution says about religion: “The Russian Federation, united by a thousand-year history, preserves the memory of the ancestors that transmitted to us ideals and faith in God”.
Such an interesting amendment exists now in the Constitution. Religious people rejoiced that this was about their religion. Wait, there are many religions in Russia – from actual to little known ones. So why is it about your God? You just want to think so because the dream of a religious fan is to bring Russia to its knees. And in other countries, accordingly, bring another country to its knees. Moreover, the whole Earth should be put in a hospital and a prison of religions.

Let’s breathe in and out, the new Constitution is definitely a new stage for Russia. Although the idea, of course, is not to improve the quality of life of the species, in other words, people, but to build a new system. People in this system are only pawns.

Let’s analyze the concept of a phrase from the Constitution about religion, without humor, with all seriousness.

The Russian Federation, united by a thousand-year history – in other words, the RF is united by a common history of the millennium. Unfortunately, history itself is painful and deplorable, but sorrows and burdens unite in a common confrontation. In general, that’s right. Let’s move on.

It preserves the memory of the ancestors that transmitted to us ideals and faith in God. And here diamond cut diamond. Ideals are clearly not a suitable word, here it would be better to use a deep word “tradition”. After all, traditions bestow the stronghold of Ra, in other words, materialize on Earth what is important. But we do not have real traditions at all, there are religious and social dogmas. I will tell you the traditions and you will build your life, but for now let’s return to the topic of constitutional amendments, which no one will tell you about.
Ideals (words ideas and idols have the same essence) are movement on the program set by someone… that’s it, everything came together! Those who don’t understand read twice. And now let’s talk about the most interesting thing – about «faith in God». My dears, not religion but faith. Faith has nothing to do with religion, so down with arguments. The ancestors within themselves preserved Faith, not religion, and this Faith in a God that is not religious, which was invented by people to control the masses.

And what about religions?

Unfortunately, they are also transmitted in the word “ideals”. So both religions and Faith have stepped together in the new Time. But people didn’t notice it. I have a special address to suppliers of religions. When the Truth shines out and everyone knows about the Faith, the centuries old deception will be revealed: nothing and no one will save you in any Kingdom-state. Perhaps the Time has come when the game with religions and all its consequences should be stopped?!

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  • maura
    21.03.2020 at 16:44

    The question is very important. The magority understand these words exactly as religious god! Thank ypu for your explanationof the wording of constitution!??

  • smile
    12.04.2020 at 12:06

    When I first heard the correction about «faith in God», the first question was «What kind of God?» Now, due to reading your article, everything has become clearer. It is a pity, of course, that the ideals of religion were not immediately stopped, but the main thing is that the Faith has returned to the Earth and is growing stronger every day thanks to You. Thank you for the informative article!