When will the war in Ukraine end?

I am constantly being asked to predict the end of the war in Ukraine. They ask what can be expected for this or that country (everyone was drawn into the commotion). What will happen to Russia? What will happen to Ukraine? Therefore, I should give some explanations to my people, as explicit as it could be.

Of course, I used to see Ukraine not as a separate country, but as an inseparable part of Russia. Besides, the Ukrainians constantly worked in Russia. I noticed Ukraine only when the military operation started, and my social media were filled with threats, insults and nasty videos from the crests.

What I saw was a revelation for me. Next to us I saw the arrogant people filled with hatred for the Muscovites. That very moment I understood the writings in the old ritual books containing various insults from the crests to the Muscovites. By the way, the reason was clear. Moscow was already obtaining the quality of urban Life, while Ukraine remained a village, which clearly provoked certain emotions among the crests whose lifestyle was robbery and theft. But let’s get back to the question of the ending of the war in Ukraine.

When will the war in Ukraine end? The war will gradually change its perspective, and will turn into a partisan and terrorist one. There are many terrorists there. So I do not see the end of the war in Ukraine during upcoming days.

I will explain why I call actions in Ukraine a war. Russia is executing a military operation, saving civilians, while the crests use Russia’s correctness and wage a real war. They do not spare neither their own people (as during the war), nor outsiders, who the Muscovites are for them.

The cruelty of a small wild nation of Ukraine is absolutely shocking. And most importantly, their heroism!

Bravery is to remain at the Azovstal plant throughout the war, hiding behind civilians, collecting money for their Telegram accounts, and asking the President of Turkey or the Pope for help. True patriots! True heroes are always hiding and broadcasting from their shelters, talking about the fact that they are heroes and they should be taken with their weapons to the Turkish hot shores.

How will the war in Ukraine end? Ukraine will consider itself the winner, as unfortunately the people with a lot of of complexes can never be defeated. Living in a sloping house, with a smell of muck, they calmly state that they live in mansions, while the life in Russia is definitely worse. When a person does not feel the strength within, he has to lie and believe in his own lies. So even a defeated and crumpled Ukraine will not be able to admit the defeat.

Smart people have realized that a large number of countries are at war with Russia on the territory of Ukraine. No one cares about Ukraine and the barbarians who live there. Therefore, the end of the war is a multi-stage action, and the victory is unclear. After all, we understand that while a Russian soldier helps a woman to hide from bullets, her son, brother, husband and so on shoot him and think how to kill his loved ones.

All these women from Ukraine hate the Russians and, of course, arriving in Russia, they are dangerous for us. In general, terrorism, violence and theft will thrive, as the majority of the population of Ukraine hate the Russians. What can I say, the adviser of the president of Ukraine uses cheap abusive language, and indeed the world will tremble with the sowing of the crests in all countries.

It turned out to be an unclear answer to the question about Ukraine.

When will the war in Ukraine end? In my opinion, it will not happen soon, it will just turn into a terrorist and partisan one. As for the peaceful population of Ukraine, I’ve already expressed my opinion. There are only a few civilians there, all the rest are aggressors.

Here is such a sad article today.

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