Who are the forefathers?

Who are the forefathers?

I repeatedly touched upon the theme of Rod (Family/ancestors), of who and how became our forefathers (primordial creator). But this theme is very important and that’s why we’ll talk about forefathers of human race.

The word for «forefathers» in Russian language is PRARODITELI, that means PRA — «ways of RA» RODITELI (parents/giving life), that means those, who managed to endow humans with RA.

Forefathers (Praroditeli) of human race, who are they? Of course, it is RAZ, as the primary Light God, who came down on the Earth. But we received human body from different forefathers. You see that people are not alike at all (I mean different nationalities).

Thus, the forefathers are those who endowed you with appearance. Of course, they are not religious gods, but real Gods.

But we should make it clear that we consider a god every super being, possessing super Power and possibilities, which we don’t have.

The forefathers decided to give birth to human race (Rod) and did it. You are the heirs of your forefathers, and therefore you know how to do all the same, but you have not learned to do it. Are you ready to act? Are you afraid?

What to do for it?

Learn to build up your Family (Rod). Bring up your children as you are gods, but not just as ordinary folk.
After all, you become parents to someone, but then you remain in memory for centuries as a great-grandmother and great-grandfather. Thus, being a part of Family (Rod), you are given the possibility to create with the help of RA power. Think, what do you know about RA power? What do you know about your ancient Family? What have you done for bringing up children and building up of your Family?

When I speak with people, I understand that most of them do not even know what kind of legacy they are given.
Try to feel your ancestors, forefathers, start talking to them mentally and aloud. When you broke away from your ancestors and plunged into religion, forgetting Faith, you forgot the Primordial source of Power, thus, you lost all: yourself, Family and children.

But the time has come, because you’ve seen this article, thus, you are ready to start Living!

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  • maura
    23.01.2020 at 16:09

    The article completely explains the essence of the humans creation! Thank you, Alena! Unfortunately, people forgot their Forefathers and sunk into religious fiction.

  • smile
    16.02.2020 at 14:16

    16.02.2020 at 14:15
    This is a very serious topic. It seems that if you learn how to contact your ancestors and do it regularly, then great opportunities will open up. Honestly, it’s really scary. But you don’t learn anything if you don’t act. Thank you for the knowledge that really helps to understand and realize oneself.