Whom to pray for salvation

People have always depended on external circumstances, they guess that the god is behind all events. The god who punishes for something or saves from his punishment. Poeple have always believed in supernatural, but being devorced from magic knowledge, they were given religions instead in order to satisfy spiritual hunger.

During the Time of Troubles I often hear a question: «Whom to pray for salvation to?». Indeed, if to abandon religion it is not clear whom to ask for salvation.

All events in which you participate in your life are formed according to only two principles:

1. Somebody has created the event and you have been involved in it as pawn.
2. You have created the event and you are the main producer and player in it.

In the first case, you can be defeated and get different troubles. In the second case, you show up a winner.

It turns out that asking for help is necessary only in the first case. Whom to ask for help? At first, let’s take a look at how you’ve got into this situation.

Weak people who do not strive for goals and go with the tide, allways get into such situation (1st case). This state in 90% of cases is formed by religion. What for? For you to pray to the religious god for salvation so that he can take away your energy and torture you.

So, the most important thing is not to be in the 1st case. If you are in this situation, whom to ask for help?

Great help is provided by:

  • Forefathers. You can read about them in the article
  • the Earth, because you live on it
  • All nature Forces.
  • Heaven with planetary currents.

Are you used to seeing the image of someone you are asking for help? See the images in section «Gods». This section will be replenished for you regularly Also pay attention to section «Prayers».

But don’t forget that the purpose is to be in the second case, that means to create and act.

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