Why does no one need people?

The social system dictates the living conditions of people. Society is ‘Sotsium’ in Russian. ‘So’ means joint, ‘tsi’ means energy, ‘um’ means mind. In other words, it is the energy of human mind that creates a system in which people live.

I think everything is obvious and should not cause doubts. Any system has control levers. Levers are people who you see as the government and you, undoubtedly, scold them for your bad life. We will not go deeper into details within the framework of this article.

So it is you who formed the system. Therefore, you have to make claims to yourself.

By the way, the ruler of a good system thinks first about his people, and only then about the territory. Do you know such a ruler? By conquering territories, we get victims. We say that the country is rich, but we see poor people living there. The system does not work very well… Why am I writing this article? What if we collectively begin to think the other way?!

  1. No slavery. Slavery is the first and main component of the system — the slave-owning system. It is built by religions.
  2. We will start our self-development and will not stagnate.
  3. We create a family as our own small state. With wise, generous and, of course, kind rulers.

And here, on the Faith website, I, as a Mother, will rule wisely, generously and kindly. After all, such will be the ruler, if the system is like this.

A new system where there are no slaves, where there is no need to suffer, where people can no longer be deceived by myths and no one can make them lose their Spirit.

Hurray! Let each of you remember the Faith, it was before all religions. We do not fawn and are not afraid of a certain god, and we do not read myths about him. We believe in what we see and feel.

On the Faith website, I remind you of what you already know. The Soul will definitely remember everything. If something is unclear to you, write me, I will answer you.

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